Of …wtf someone plotted to kill Mizuki Nana?????

July 5, 2008

Woah…what the hell…this is a sick sick world and there are some sick sick people living. I can’t believe someone actually find it funny to publicly announce that he wants to kill Mizuki Nana. I won’t say much because I found this news in sankakucomplex.com so if you want to read the rest of the entry you can do so by clicking here. I’m very very disturbed. Although apparently, his made up this hoax so that he will get a rise (can someone tell me how the f*ck is that gonna get him a rise) and not really a real plan to kill Nana-chan, but I still feel extremely disturbed. I condemn his actions and his very thoughts of thinking it’s funny trying to kill someone. Man, this news totally kills my mood. I’m going to bed. Let’s pray that none of these will ever happen to Nana-chan again. Till then. Ciao


One comment

  1. how would anyone plan to kill this angel…that is really disturbing ..X(X(X(X( i’m glad that it was only publicated and not a real deal…to kill Nana-chan X(X( what a joke…

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