Of Sakakibara Yui’s new album [Joker] track list.

July 7, 2008

Sakakibara Yui’s new album is coming up on the 10th of September 2008. It was actually announced last month somewhere on the 24th of June 2008 and I actually posted a link to buy the CD on the right hand side of my blog…but somehow I forgot to blog about it lol. But anyway, to make it up..here’s the album’s confirmed track list as taken from Sakakibara Yui’s official page. Special thanks to my friend, Iyn for updating me about the album. There are 15 tracks in total and the track list is as follows:


01 Love Game
03 Einsatz
(Dies irae OP主題歌/light)
04 Believe
05 Happy Leap
(タイムリープ OP主題歌/フロントウィング)
06 Over the Light
(七彩かなた 挿入歌/千世)
07 Together
(暁の護衛 OP主題歌/しゃんぐりら)
08 ふるふるっ☆
(ふるふる★フルムーン OP主題歌/Little princess)
09 Till I can see you again
(Chu×Chuアイドる EDテーマ/ユニゾンシフトアクセント)
10 Get Love Power
(こんぼく麻雀 OP主題歌/あかべぇそふとつぅ)
11 Aqua Voice
(朝凪のアクアノーツ OP主題歌/Fizz)
12 Ready Go!!
(Fate/タイガーころしあむ OP主題歌/カプコン)
13 Imitation
(Imitation Lover OP主題歌/light)
14 Girl meets Boy
15 message!

All in all there’s 4 original tracks (though I am quite sure the 1st track it’s gonna be some short prelude music only). Personally, I think this is a CD worth buying if you like Sakakibara Yui’s singing. You can always get the album here. In the mean time, I’m gonna head back to bed. It’s been a terrible week for me. An electronics malfuction week rather. First my Xbox360 died…then my external hard disk’s power plug died mysteriously too like wtf…I had to temporary steal one power plug from my office’s abandoned CPU…then as if that’s not bad enough, my laptop suddenly died on me too yesterday. I was just surfing the net when my lcd screen started blinking a few times…then it went pitch black. I thought I accidentally restarted it but when I looked properly it was still on. So I restarted my laptop…and I see nothing on my screen…then I heard my windows starting but there’s still NOTHING on my screen! I waited for a while…and I looked hard on the screen…then I can actually make out my Hoc-chan wallpaper on my laptop screen. At that moment I knew…like crap…it’s either my lcd backlight saying byebye to me or the inverter inside. Either way, it’s hard to get them replaced. So I started frantically backing up all my stuffs especially my work and how did I do that since my screen was literally black? Well, I mentioned that I can make out some dim outlights of my screen right? So yeah….I…used a torchlight to shine on my screen while I navigate my way through and copy pasted all my important stuffs out to my external hard drive. Then right after I finished backing up my important stuffs…my laptop screen blinked a few times again and the screen is back up. What.the.f**k?

So now, I’m still using my laptop but I’m using it with extra care…no more putting it in some awkward position or pushing the screen up and down roughly. I still need my laptop to do my work in the office. Sigh. What a bad week for me. Seriously, who knows..the next I know, my PSP will suddenly brick itself, my PS2 stops reading the DVDs…my Wii went crazy…my ikea cabinet topples over…ah..anything can happen now. I don’t care anymore. I’m just going to cover myself under my blanket and sleep. Till then, please pray that my xbox360 will be repaired successfully. 😦



  1. Consolation prize!

    Oy, I’m sorry that things are going to hell for you, what with the freaky electronics going haywire and the riot threats. Try to get some good rest and just take things as they come for now. Hope your xbox will get fixed so you can take your anger out on your games.

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  3. @260: Lol spam…Never mind…I will delete it…there…fixed XD

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