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August 27, 2008

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Of Chihara Minori’s New Single Up For Pre-Order! \o/

August 26, 2008

Oh yes, I’m not joking. Less than a month after Ameagari no Hana Yo Sake was released, another new single appeared. There’s no title yet and and there’s very little details about the single.

The only thing I know for now is that it’s gonna be released on the 5th Of November 2008. First press edition includes a sleeve slipcase (whatever that means). Damn it, just give me a Limited Edition with the PV included already!

Anyway, you can pre-order them here.

Yay for more Minorin goodness ❤ .


Of Tamura Yukari’s Bambino Bambina Single Cover Picture and Aya Hirano’s new single

August 18, 2008

Seriously, waiting for something new to come out from Hoc-chan is DRIVING ME INSANE! When is she going to release a new single?! Argh. Ahem. Moving on. Since Hoc-chan is driving me insane and I personally believe I am already on the brink of getting COMPLETELY insane…so I might as well do something insane. Blog about Tamura Yukari again. Mwhuahahahaha. Anyway, ahem. The cover picture for the Tamura Yukari’s latest single “Bambino Bambina” is up. So as you can see above, it’s the Limited Edition cover picture.

And if for some reason, you don’t want to buy the Limited Edition which actually gives you a DVD of the main song’s PV, you can go for the Regular Edition and the cover picture for the Regular Edition looks like this:

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Of Chihaha Minori’s Single Ameagari Hana Yo Sake Review + DDL

August 10, 2008

Want the DDL? READ ON! XD

I’m so sorry for the late post…but I ended up watching the Beijing 2008 Olympics opening ceremony, went to karaoke to celebrate my friends birthday on Saturday…and only updating my blog on Sunday. Lol. I know, my bad. Ahem. Anyway, I have been listening to this Minorin’s single for the past days and in fact, I’m listening to it right now. Honestly, I’m a little addicted to Minorin’s song Minorin now. Lol.

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Of Minorin’s New Single Ameagari no Hana Yo Sake…it’s here!!! o/

August 8, 2008

Oh yeah! It’s finally with me! I waited one whole day for it XD. Ahh..I’m so happy now. Though, I can’t say much about the single for now. I gotta pack my stuff and go back to my hometown within 30 minutes time and I have some work to finish off in the office. But I gotta say, the single is …”Yellow”…lol. And since I’m feeling happy, I shall spread the love and ahem *coughripcoughthecoughcdcoughout*. Stay tune for the my next post if you want Minorin’s songs XD. In the meantime, you can head over to Minorin’s blog and check out how she thanked her fans XD. Epic pose she got there. Minorin is <3. Till then. Ciao.


Of a great loss, bad sectors killing the day and all other random stuffs

August 6, 2008

Before I begin anything, I would like to express my condolence and grief over the passing of Kawai Eri. She’s a great composer and lyricist composing music for animes such as Air, Aria, Bamboo Blade and Strange Dawn just to name a few. She passed away roughly at 11.40pm on the 4th of August 2008. Honestly, I didn’t know the news until I found out from my friend Cholic’s status message this morning. I double checked with several blogs and found out that it is indeed a real news. I really don’t know what to say on this sudden shocking news. However, to the very least, I wish to thank her for composing such great music pieces. You shall be dearly missed, Kawai Eri. May she rest in peace.
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