Of Chihara Minori english fansite is up at townberry.net! =D

July 3, 2008

Whee, finally bought a domain for myself…(actually my sis bought it but..whatever lol). Surprisingly someone actually took townberry.com last year…but did nothing to it. What the hell…Anyway, so I get the next best choice which is townberry.net.

So it is gonna be the official english fansite for Chihara Minori? Lol. Unfortunately no. I’m planning to do something else with the townberry.net (it’s a hush hush plan of mine and my sister mwhuahaha). But I was just trying out the css and html support so I uploaded whatever dumb site I did before. I reckon if I upload the beta system I’m doing for my internship…it’s gonna bored everyone out. So I decided to upload the fake site I did. Yeap, that Chihara Minori First English Fansite lol. It’s a stupid thing I did sometime ago and I think I tricked quite some people. So now, to make it up, I’m gonna let you all play with it while I build up the site for townberry.net. Hehehe. So if you wanna go to that site please click the link below:


Now I’m gonna resume staring at my laptop for 10 more minutes before calling it a day at the office. Hehe. Till then. Ciao.


One comment

  1. Eh? Seems like /minorin directory is gone? Too bad, I thought that such a nice idea will have longer life.. Maybe you restore that site. It is better than nothing.

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