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Of Chihara Minori’s New Album Parade pre-order and…her out of Japan’s concert tour T_T

September 29, 2008

I’m feeling happy right now and at the same time I’m feeling gloomy too. Let’s start with why I’m happy eh? Alright, I’m happy because my blog hit went more than 10k! Yay! Though I’m pretty sure 5k of the hits come from my own constant refreshing of this blog but yay! Another reason why I am happy is because Minorin’s new album is finally available for pre-order yay! What’s more! There’s a nice promotional picture for the album available at Minorin’s official site too! Double yay! But that’s not all, there’s limited editions of the album that actually include a photo booklet of Minorin! TRI TRI TRI TRIPLE KILL YAY! So here’s promotional picture for Minorin’s upcoming album, Parade (set to be released on the 26th of November 2008)

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Of Horie Yui’s new single title and cover picture…Vanilla Salt?!

September 25, 2008

Vanilla Salt?!

(Picture from Horie Yui’s official website)

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Of Hirano Aya’s Namida Namida Namida…and townberry’s upcoming sad birthday

September 23, 2008

I’m so bored…I’m blogging about Hirano Aya

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September 20, 2008

Happy 32nd17th birthday Hoc-chan!

Oh my god I really fail as her fan. No wonder I had a feeling that I forgotten something important for the whole day but I went about doing my business until now. Yeah. I kinda like…somehow..remembered that it is Hoc-chan’s birthday today only 5 minutes ago. There goes my chance of writing a 5000 words essay and sending it to her via air mail declaring my eternal love lol. Been a hell week for me. My supervisor came to evaluate my work yesterday so I had to rush up and fix every single thing that I was supposed to fix or do before my supervisor arrive. Then today, I woke up….feeling somehow I forgotten something important (Hoc-chan’s birthday you idiot townberry)…but I shrugged the feeling off and went around paying my bills and doing some stuff. It was not until 10.30 that I suddenly remembered Hoc-chan’s birthday. So yeah, with only less than half an hour to go (it’s already 11.30pm in Japan), I don’t really know how I’m going to wish her. So here I am. In my own blog. Wishing Hoc-chan happy birthday at the very last minute. Sigh. Oh well.

お誕生日おめでとうございます, ほっちゃん! 今日からもうよろしくお願いしますね?Lol. That sounded so wrong in many many ways. Oh well, here’s to Hoc-chan. Wishing her all the best for her career and that she will stay forever 17 hehehe. I love you Hoc-chan! I really do! I even pre-order your latest single! Lol. (Though you will never know it sigh).

Now, I’m going to head back in sulking for forgetting Hoc-chan’s birthday. As j1m0ne says…”townberry, YOU FAIL!”


Of Chihara Minori’s Upcoming New Single, New Album, big plans for year 2009 and an emo townberry

September 16, 2008

Chihara Minori: A lady with big things planned for her in the year 2009

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