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The day where 3 insane bloggers decided to bash and smack each other

June 27, 2009

Is this going to be a good one? I don’t know.

Is this going to be a hillarious one? You bet it is.

It all started with one fine day…(yesterday)…when I was just hanging around with nothing to do. J1m0ne suddenly gave me a while idea which I implemented and of course dragging Danie along. What’s is it all about? Hehehe. Tragic stuff.

I’m here to announce that j1m0ne, danie and I have decided to form a blog together! Endorsed by the event DaiCon (which host our chaotic blog), we are now forming a blog called the san bonkurasu (aka 3 bonklers).

Perhaps many will wonder, what’s the blog about…why do we create another blog when we all have our individual blog and what’s the aim or mission. The truth is. There’s nothing to it lol. We just create this blog to bash each other more (as if we haven’t been doing it enough during our gtalk sessions) and basically a prequel to our meeting during the event DaiCon. (Yeah, we’re going to meet up for the first time then).

So we decided to start the blog up. And start introducing ourselves and the rest of the team which ultimately ends up like another bashing session (yet). You can identify the author of the post via our nickname but since we are all admins to the blog…we can easily sabotage each other’s post. He he he he. Which is already evident in the first post.

Anyway, we finally finished up our introductions respectively and decided to open the blog up officially for everyone’s viewing. Again, reading the blog is probably like watching a gag show or something. But anyway, I hope everyone enjoys it while the fun last. And after all that crap I realized I forgot to supply the link to the blog lol. The url is as below. Happy reading.


Minorin is learning English. OMGWTFBBQ?

June 11, 2009

My jaw is permanently dropped on the floor…and it’s not because of this picture

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