Minorin is learning English. OMGWTFBBQ?

June 11, 2009

My jaw is permanently dropped on the floor…and it’s not because of this picture

Today was my usual torture session. I reckon if I were to attend DaiCon and listen to Minorin’s Q and A session, I should at least try to prevent my ears from bleeding when she randomly squeaked or laughed in extreme high pitch. Therefore I started listening to her radio show, “Minorhythm” to build up my endurance. Today’s Minorhythm is undeniably one of the most epic minorhythm ever. Who woulda guessed…the day Chihara Minori started speaking in ENGLISH.

Yes you heard that right. English. For some reason, she wants to learn English (after not knowing the language for 29 years of her life), and she signed up to an English class with her friends. Apparently the teacher is a ‘gaijin sensei’ (foreign teacher) and it’s a 40 minutes class. Gee. Kinda short if you were to ask me.

Anyway, eager to show off what she learned. She started speaking random English words during the whole radio show. I’ve managed to list down the english words that she said during the whole show. Sorry I cannot cover the whole radio show, I’m still trying to clean up my monitor screen of totally spraying my iced tea onto it when I first heard Minorin speaking in English. So anyway, these are the English words that Minorin spoken and probably understood.

1. My name is Minori Chihara (sounded like mai neim is Minori Chihara).

For one thing, the gaijin sensei is really working wonders here. He/she killed off the bad habit of Japanese pronouncing name as “neimu” and is as “izu”. And hey, they put the last name behind.

2. English~bun (some random words she spilled in between I don’t know what the hell that bun supposed to be though)

3. English school

4. I’m study English..ok? No? (a little grammartical mistake here. the -ing is missing from study but apart from that it’s quite ok…heck even my english is a grammar horror story)

5. One lesson

6. English~one

7. Japanese~English

8. Anima, enema (…she’s trying to pronounce anime…god knows why enema came out)

9. L, M, N

Hmm my suspicion is the gaijin sensei thought them ABC and how to pronounce them correctly. Well she did pronounce L correctly. Not the usual “eru” that we hear. She said that pronouncing L, M and N is hard. English is hard but at the same time she thinks it’s fun.

10. Hard (more like hardoru…fail)

11. My pace (She’s learning the language in her own pace. Omg, bad news. Lol)

12. Nice

13. Good job

14. Wonderful

15. Cool

16. No, no, no, no… (This is where she made me and my roommate spilled water on both our monitor screens)

17. Really?

18. See you next week! (Clearly, the end of the show)

Apart from the words I’ve listed out, she did mutter a few more random sentences but it was incoherent mumble that I couldn’t make it out so too bad. Generally her pronounciation is quite alright because she spoke slowly which I think it’s a good thing. Why want to try and speak fast when you cannot speak properly? Now I can’t wait to see if she will start speaking English in DaiCon. That is..if she continues attending her English classes. Damn.



  1. ….half of those words already exist in katakana form. So effectively, she learnt maybe 3 useful phrases?

  2. lol ok then I’ll make fun of her in English to her face and let’s see if she understands that. xD

  3. @j1m0ne: Now now..let’s not discourage her effort like that. Though small effort but…plausible

    @danie: You evil botch. I’ll kungfu kick you

  4. And Engrish is always funny

    On other news….Cover & Song List for Honey Jet is up at Hoc-chan’s home page.

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