Moving on with life

February 22, 2011

Life’s like a road fork. You’ll never know where they lead to unless you travel down ’em.

I’ve ceased blogging for a long time and in fact the reason why I came back to this blog was because I was testing out some code and functionalities for my website work. However, j1m0ne pointed out that I have google reader subscribers and I feel sorry if you suddenly got notified that I posted a new “post” but in actuality all I did was some testing. So in any case here’s some rambling for you to read.

My interest has taken a big big change since I last blog. I still watch anime but not frequently anymore. Instead I only watch funny gag shows like Mitsudomoe and K-on to entertain myself after a hard day at work.

I still support Minorin but lately she has been releasing nothing but singles that made me feel I am wasting my money if I order them. So Minorin, please go back to your Paradise Lost period. Your new songs simply suck.

I’m an avid Toyosaki Aki fan now but not for her singing. She can sing as good as a kindergarten kid. But her personality is awesome and her random talks always never cease to make me happy so I’m fine with that.

I like Sphere too thanks to constant poisoning from the devil j1m0ne. Yes I still blame you.

I find myself playing games more frequent than ever. I don’t bother keeping up with news of anime releases or singles releases anymore so there’s no passion to blog like how I did last time about upcoming singles and what not. I will still occasionally update on my twitter account if I so happen stumbled upon release news.

And personally I’m changing directions in my life. Changing jobs, deciding on place to stay, deciding what new things I should venture in and whether or not I should just eat that pack of biscuit in front of me.

But in short, many things have changed compared to when I first started this blog. Hell, when I first started this blog it was like personal rambling blog then it somewhat changed into seiyuu fapping blog. Looking back it’s a great experience still and I appreciate anyone who read every single weird words that I typed. I hope that if one day I start blogging again, you guys will be there to read it.

Till then, stay safe.


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