February 4, 2010

For better or for worse…

As mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to stop blogging in this site. Partly because I have been largely inactive and I don’t think I will get active anytime soon. However, I have always liked to talk crap whenever I have the chance to. I wish to continue to share my views regarding the games I played, the things I’ve seen or the seiyuu I’ve stalked with everyone without making a new post like once in ….3 months time or so. Hence I’ve decided to collaborate with fellow blogger j1m0ne for a new blog.

The idea came from j1m0ne initially as she wanted to stop her old blog. She invited me to collaborate and since we talked crap so much together, I don’t see the reason not to. Another good reason is that now that I’ve collaborated with her, you fellow readers won’t feel lonely if I went missing for a while since j1m0ne blogs more frequent than I do. So yeah, please do head to the new site in future. This site will still be maintained in case you want to have a laugh at my old posts. Till then. See ya on the other side! (lol)



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