My fashionably late report of my Nov’09 trip to Japan #2 (maybe I’m dead)

February 3, 2010

Hey I have a XIII on my hand too!

Admittably, by the time I write this post…I don’t really remember what happened in Japan (lol). I have bad memory and my laziness of delaying this post for like 3 months is not helping too 😛 .

However I’m going to try to make the trip report as brief as I can cause I wanna squeeze in like 7 days worth of crap inside. Hehe. So anway, let’s recap. I went to Chihara Minori’s Fan club event in Yokohama, then Shinjuku for Square Enix goods store and somehow ended up in Kabuki-cho.

On my 3rd day, I went to Akibahara for some CDs shopping and I actually wanted to buy a camera so I was price hunting. It was a miserable weather day. Rained the whole freaking day. So freaking cold. I hate cold wind. Walked around the whole day and got some nice gifts for my family. I got a mug, plushies and some (insert stuff that I don’t remember here) for my sister and mom. Surprisingly I didn’t buy much anime related stuff. For some reason, I just lost the will to buy lately. Oh wait, rather my wallet lost the will mwhuahaha. Went to pepper lunch for…err lunch.

I think I got a little beef overloaded

The lunch cost me around 750 yen. Actually I think it’s quite the same price as the pepper lunch in Malaysia but when you see RM30 price tag you don’t feel like eating. (Although after you convert it’s roughly the same).  Then I walked around and bought let’s see…

One Yuki Nagato’s character single “Under Mebius”. Seriously that song freaking made my ear bleed. But I buy it anyway don’t ask me why. Then I bought a copy of Mizuki Nana’s “Mugen”. Got a tokuten yay…though I don’t know where I chuck it already. That’s all I buy I think. Then I did a maid cafe visit. The food suxxors and the price suxxors and they force you to pay 700 yen for entrance fee. (YES! THERE’S A FREAKING ENTRANCE FEE) and you have to freaking get at least a drink or food. The drink cost 500 yen the least hence minimum spendage, 1200 yen and oh you’re only allowed to sit for 1 hour maximum before they push the bill to you indication “goshuujin-sama, please GTFO”. However, the place is quite cozy and I felt like hiding my place when they announced my name + sama when I go in. “Tadaima… xx-sama!”

After the …err dinner or whatever it’s called, I lurked in Akiba for a while more before returning to the hotel. There’s nothing much to be done when the rain poured the whole day.

On Wednesday, we went to Shibuya…or rather walked from Omotesando to Gaienmae to Shibuya. Nothing much to do there. Just lurking around. Had a drink in Starbucks since it’s cold. The view is kinda nice though so I took a picture.

The sky looked as if it’s 8pm but in actuality it’s only…5.30pm

After the coffee break, I went to … a place where I conveniently forgotten the name for dinner. The restaurant name is Yamamoto though. It’s that Ore no hamburg thing that Minorin blogged about. The shop is located in a ridiculously hidden place. By the time I reached there with Danie, the streets are kinda deserted. Makes me want to just make a U-turn and go back. Suddenly, eating 7/11’s box set doesn’t sound bad at all.

This is already the pic of the main street. The restaurant is located in one of the alleys

Nevertheless, we found the restaurant and the price is awsm for such small servings. Moral of the day, when Minorin says that it’s big and delicious, it’s actually small and not very the delicious. After the dinner, we retreated back to the hotel. It takes quite some time to go back actually since that place is so far.

The restaurant to Minorin went to…

On Thursday, on Danie’s request, we visited a university. Spent the whole afternoon there since it’s quite far away. The university is near to Yokohama. Then we returned to the hotel roughly about 6pm and rush out again at 6.30pm since we had a dinner appointment with some important friends at 7.20pm. But we epicly got separated at Ueno’s train station whilst changing train (since it was rush hour, Ueno was a big station hence it was really packed) and my phone wasn’t working but I forgot to bring charger and the phone died ha ha ha. I arrived in Shimbashi (the designated place at 7.10pm but I was searching for either Danie or the friends. It was not until 7.40pm when we actually met. My bad my bad. Two friends were already waiting for us and M-san actually went with Danie on train back to Ueno to search for me (although I was actually lurking in Shimbashi since 7.10pm). Luckily I bumped into the other friend S-san and he called them back through M-san. I don’t remember how many times I apologized for the trouble. Ahh…so embarassing..or rather….malu macam sial.

We went to a really nice restaurant in Shimbashi but I forgot the name of the restaurant (again yay). However, it’s a nice high end place and a meal cost at least 4000 yen per person. Around 8.10pm another two friends joined us. Sa-san and O-san. Soon, I was happily chunking down 3 cups of shochu, 3-4 mugs of beers and 3-4 glasses of red wine. I’m kinda surprised I didn’t start singing and dancing on the dinner table with the amount I drank. The bill must be insane since one glass of shochu cost like 1200 yen (and I drank 3), beers cost 700 yen each and a bottle of red wine was 3500 yen. They ordered the red wine since it was M-san’s birthday so we toasted to the occassion (though I drank most of the bottle). I think I ate almost 10k yen myself thanks to my obsession towards alcohol. S-san foot the bill, I should really send him birthday card or new year card or whatever lol. No pictures for the dinner since I didn’t bring my camera and we only took one after the dinner and I don’t think it’s nice to post a personal picture up.

On Friday, we just laze around in the hotel and not going many places because I was still suffer from hangover and Saturday was supposed to be a camping day. We went to Ikebukuro for the planetarium where’s there’s narration and songs from Nana. It’s quite costly around 1200yen. The whole thing was about stars…and the importance of water. For one freaking hour. Danie slept for 55 minutes only waking up on the second Nana song.

The entrance to the Planetarium

That’s right. On Saturday, 21st November 2009, we went to the Mizuki Nana FC event in Tokyo Big Sight. Danie planned to go at around 4-5am but last minute got attacked by stomach ache hence we delayed our plan until 10am. By the time we arrived there, the line for the goods were still long. So we stood until 1pm for the goods. I seriously don’t know how the japanese can wear those jackets when the sun is blaring like mad. I sweat so bad, I took off my jacket and wished I was wearing a short pants instead of jeans. Don’t they feel hot?

The long long long loooooooooong snake line

In the end I gave up on the line and went in first since I only wanted the T-shirt. Danie helped me with the purchase. The event lasted from 1pm till around 5pm. It was nice to listen to Nana’s Top 10 song and my favorite, Power Gate got 1st so I was seriously otagei-ing to it. Then we left, not before getting the chance to wave to Nana upclose. Nothing special, and I had no idea what to say so I ended up blurting out “Thanks for the show” in English to a confused Nana. Lol. Fail.

Then we met up with R-san and friends again. (They are the ones we met for the Minorin FC too). We went for a nice okonomiyaki dinner and then an overnight karaoke in Akihabara. On our way to Akiba, we stumbled upon a train promoting Macross Frontier’s movie. So I took the chance, whipped out my camera and snapped a picture.

Sheryl…and oooh Ranka

Needless to say, I slept in for Sunday. We went to Shibuya for shopping again. Nothing much but I took the chance to buy a present for my friend Ari and snapped a picture for her fangirlsm XD.

Everybody now. Kyaaaa! YAMAPI!!! *snorts*

Monday was the last day prior to my departure from Japan. So I’ve decided to complete my trip by going to Tokyo TAWAAAAAAAAAAAAA. We went during the night time. The view is awsm the ticket pricing is not. We have to pay twice. One for the main observatory and another for the special observatory. In the end, I see no much difference view wise and there’s no binoculars or whatever device for you to zoom in the view. So it’s just plain eyes view. Took some pictures but since it’s at night. It’s a little blur.

Tokyo Tower here I come! Funny I actually bumped a Malaysian couple here.

Picture taken right below the tower. They illuminate the tower with red lights. Looks like lobster to me…hmm maybe I’m hungry

The view from Tokyo Tower. It’s abit blur since I took it without flash through the glass pane

After 30 minutes of staring at Tokyo’s view, I finally went back. The next day, I stayed in and packed up since my luggage was a big mess. Then we took a train to Narita at 4.00pm since the flight was at 7.30pm. The flight arrived in Singapore at 2.00am and I took another connecting flight back to Kuala Lumpur at 7.00am.

All in all, it was a hectic trip with many weird things happening. Some things I can share with you but some things I cannot. Not that I don’t want to but simply, it’s something where you experienced in life and have no words for it.

So there you have it. My report on my Japan trip is finally completed. I don’t think I will do the otaku part because for one, I’m really occupied with my job right now and two; I’m lazy. Looking back, I’ve already been blogging for 2 years on this blog (first post was on February 2008) and this is probably the longest post I did.

My interests for things came and waned during these 2 years. It started with console gaming to anime then slowly crept into seiyuu to anisongs. Then I went into some seiyuu stalking mode and started stalking Hocchan (Horie Yui, in case you still haven’t get it after 2 years) and Mizuki Nana. Then came Chihara Minori. Lol. Minorin. Lol.

Most of the time I talked about random stuff from my flu, exams to my journey to Los Angeles, US. At that time I was wondering when will I go to Japan. 2 years on and I finally went to Japan. It was a nice trip but I don’t see myself missing the place as much as I anticipated I would. Probably because personally, I’ve moved on to another lifestyle (e.g : shitty working life) and I have bigger priorities now.

Of course, I would continue blogging and crapping about seiyuu stuff once in a while. I thank all the readers out there who actually read through the crap I wrote. Honestly, it gave me an headache reading back my posts. I hope you all will continue to support me whenever I blog. 2 years and it’s been a blast. Here’s a toast from yours truly to everyone.


Hope to see all of you guys soon. But for now, I’m going to take a little break and resume my work. Can’t believe I’m blogging this in front of my boss. Hence, as of now, I officially declare this blog; dead. Peace.


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  1. You’re officially dead now?? You mean the CPR & resuscitation jolt stuff didn’t work D=

    Adios, amigo?

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