Chihara Minori New PV [Final Moratorium]

January 17, 2010

Minorin PV never looked better…And I epicly nosebleed in my office when I first saw this

It was shocking when Lantis Producer Saito Shigeru tweeted on last Thursday about the release of Minorin’s new upcoming album “Sing All Love”‘s lead song, Final Moratorium PV is up and about in youtube and nico nico douga. Minorin did mentioned about filming for the PV a couple of weeks back in her blog but to be released so early was a pleasant surprise. So I followed the link and watched the full PV of Final Moratorium and hell it nearly spelled the final moments of my life.

So first thing first, the title of the song was Final Moratorium. According to Webster Online dictionary, Moratorium means “1. a legally authorized period of delay in the performance of a legal obligation or the payment of a debt b : a waiting period set by an authority
2 : a suspension of activity”. Lol wut. Erm. So makes sense. Whatver, what matters is the PV hehehe.

This PV is extremely different from Minorin’s previous PVs. For once, her eye contact with the camera got so much better and the way she dances …the way..she dances…*nosebleed*. Compared to her futile efforts of trying to look cool/sexy/hot in PVs like Paradise Lost, Voyager Train; Minorin really hit the point in this PV. Quote kurogane “Are you sure that’s Minorin?It looks like she took a level in Hawt”. Or quote from j1m0ne “8B *laughs insanely*”

So what’s there in this PV that’s worth looking at? I shall try to review it bit by bit. First of all, Minorin’s “jiiiii” power. Compared to previous PV, she really stared at the camera sharply for Final Moratorium. So, if you’re watching it, be prepared …

to see Minorin looking very serious…

and suddenly blast you with a shot from her eyes…

and again…

and again in full close up in case you haven’t die.

This PV also includes alot of dancing movements from Minorin. So at least we get something new from her usual “stand on the spot do nothing” style. So to prove that she has evolved from her Hare Hare Yukai dance…

she shook her hips while singing (I choked on my water watching this)…

waves her hand while staring at the camera…

and does a 360 degrees spin of the camera.

Of course, she couldn’t simply just dance and stare at the camera for the whole PV. So to add in extra “hawt” sauce into the PV, Minorin decided to…

let her awesome long straight hair fly…

and a complimentary side view in case you missed the front…

…and another one with wind power x2. Too bad spotlight broke down due to Minorin’s hawt sauce.

Being typical Minorin’s PV, she always has two sets of costume to wear…just in case you don’t like mini skirts, frills, jacket and white boots…

you can always have a second choice of a full length dress.

(Personally I like the first costume)

And if all that doesn’t kill you, there’s always  random shots of….

Minorin’s kissable pinkish lips

and the ultimate tilting up shot for more legs goodness.

After watching this movie I hated myself for:

1) Nosebleeding in my office and freaking my colleagues out (I saw the PV during my office hours)

2) Not being able to attend her Sing All Love concert tour which begins from March April (thanks to j1m0ne for pointing out my borked date) till end of May due to work.

3) Not being able to pounce on Minorin in real life…

I think this PV says it all that why all Minorin fans should buy the Sing All Love album. If she keeps the level of “hawt” at this stage, the whole album is going to be awesome. Besides, the album comes with limited edition DVD and Blu-ray which will include her Summer Camp tour footage.

You can grab the one with DVD here.

Alternatively, if 1080p rocks for you, grab the one with blu-ray here.

(Yes, I’m so lazy I stole that two links from Minorin’s blog).

However, if you’re still not convinced that you should get the album, just watch the PV below…

Now excuse me, as I got to mop up the blood I spilled in my room…


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  1. ..I’m pretty sure I’ve been horribly misquoted :[

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