My fashionably late report of my Nov’09 trip to Japan #1 (oh I’m not dead)

January 14, 2010

Apparently I turned into a penguin and hid in Antarctica….

*WARNING! Heavy posts with random weird pictures!*

I’m really good at this being inactive thing. I’m THAT lazy. That and the fact that I’ve started working and 90% of my time I’m stuck with office work or plotting ways to get MC. Unfortunately I kinda lost the will to write due to the hectic schedule. But for some reason and plenty of pestering from j1m0ne, I’ve decided to blog again. Not as frequent as I used to be but I hope to write something to entertain my blog readers …which probably only consist of j1m0ne and j1m0ne alone.

I haven’t been keeping checks with seiyuu news lately due to work too so yeah sorry no weird seiyuu news. The only otaku related thing that I did lately was I went to Japan with Danie. As she had blogged about twice, our 10 days trip consist of normal sight seeing to freaky otaku stalkish moment to some otagei moments. Considering that I’m currently in office and with limited pictures, (danie got most of the pictures), I shall blog about the normal sight seeing part of the trip first.  I think.

Well, to begin with, it was a 10 days 9 nights trip from 15th Nov 2009 – 24th Nov 2009. We went around alot of areas in the Kanto region from Yokohama to Shibuya to Shinjuku to Akiba to erm…I don’t remember. Anyway, I shall try to cover the normal part of the whole 10 days in this post.

We arrived on Sunday morning 15th Nov 2009, after checking into our hotel, we scrambled to Yokohama for the M.S.S (Minori Smile Season) Birthday Live Fanclub Event Vol. 2. ….Okay, maybe not so normal after all…but *cough* moving on. We had previously arranged to meet up with our Japanese friends so we waited at the designated meeting point before going into the venue. And what awesome meeting point we had.

Pedophile’s drooling point?

Anyway, we met up around twelve with R-san (name cut short for privacy) and friends. Since it was early and the event only starts around 5pm, they brought us around Yokohama and to have lunch while singing karaoke. Lolwut. So we went into this very nice karaoke place, and we sang and ate until 3pm-ish. I managed to snap a few pictures inside but most of the time I was too occupied laughing and eating pizza.

Our friendly Japanese friends. Faces covered with yellow slime. Lol

When you’re in Japan, you definitely have to sing anison?! Even in karaoke! Hare-hare yukai sing and dance session!

Even the menu is catered for otakus…

Since we met up for the Minorin FC event, needless to say, all of them are Minorin fans. During the karaoke session, they gave us some gifts and all of them are somehow..Minorin related. I got a “Summer Camp Live” flag and a box of Pocky with some tirol Choco.

OK POCKY! with some god knows what flavor Tirol Choco.

So after the karaoke session we went for the MSS event. I won’t elaborate on it now since this post is supposed to be NORMAL…lol. But after that we went shabu shabu dinner. It’s soooooo nice. Thank you R-san and friends for treating us (yes we didn’t have to pay) the awesome meal. Then we went back, tired, broken and we slept till tomorrow. After all, we didn’t stop since 7am when our flight landed.

The next day was a sight seeing / Sephiroth hunting day. There’s a Square Enix Goods shop somewhere in Shinjuku and I insist on visiting it. So I went there with Danie. We walked to the wrong side of the road and ended up sight seeing from 3pm-6pm. Lol more like walking around clueless.We walked from Shinjuku to Yoyogi and back to Shinjuku. How awesome is that.

But my obsession paid off and soon I found the shop! Turns out we went up and down the whole place instead of walking straight which we will then find the place. But erm…nice view in Shinjuku!

See? Nice view 😛

Needless to say I was excited when I found the shop. Not because I was a Square-Enix fan, but because….WE FINALLY FOUND THE PLACE (lol).


It was smaller than I expected but decent to the very least and hey they have a LIFE SIZE SEPHIROTH LYING ON THE SECOND FLOOR’s…um…FLOOR! So I spent like 15 minutes drooling on it.



Um the buggy game?

I bought a few DSi stylus, some Snoopy collections set, one Cactuar plushie and one yellow slime. Unfortunately, I’ve given most of the stuff away. I only kept the Cactuar plushie which is currently lying dormant in my apartment bedroom, stuck beneath my bolster and pillow. But I spent around 4,000 yen inside for all those sourvenirs. Here’s the picture of the yellow slime:

Clearly this pic is from someone else’s blog but erm it’s the similar slime 😛

After that we went to Japan’s red light district area. Kabuki-cho and we (smirks)…we…did nothing but ate ramen there. Sigh. Fail. We just walked around and got offered many girls and guys…but meh not interested. (Even if I am I don’t think my wallet is XD).

Yes, we ate ramen here

By the time we decided to head back, it’s already 10.30pm. We reached our hotel at around…12.00am. Lazed around abit, bathed and slept. The weather was alright throught out the first two days. Not too cold not too hot. Around 8~14 celcius just the way I like it.  But will the weather stay that way during my whole trip? HAH! YOU WISH!

Alas this post is becoming some novel chapter if I don’t stop now. Turns out I cannot cover 10 days in one post. I’ll try to zoom through the next few days in the next post. If I manage to get myself to blog again. So stay tune for the …erm …second chapter of my fashionably late report of my Nov’09 trip to Japan. Oh god it’s already 2010 and I’m blogging about 2009. I’m awesome.

Preview to next chapter: Stalking mission on! Danie went nuts. Townberry went missing…and moe moe kyun!

Okay bye.



  1. Even your taste in statues is rather lolicon-ish.

    • Fark chu. I didn’t set the meeting point.

  2. Drooling over Sephiroth, eh. So even you are a bit of a “normal” fan girl. ゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

    … lolicon. kusukusukusu. (*/∇\*)


  3. finally a new post, heh
    been wondering where you went XD

    btw, where/what was your meeting point? didn’t see any pictures there, or is it no pictures at all?
    yeah, I’m a lolicon so that part bugs me XD

    • There is a picture of a bronze loli girl statue. Sometimes it’s just imageshack server. Try reloading. It loaded fine for me.

      • now it’s showing fine… yesterday did refresh 2 times and nothing shown, heh
        nice meeting point you have there XD

      • Personally I lol-ed when I saw the meeting point. I actually hugged the legs and took a picture but of course that pic is too obscene to be shown here. XD

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