Yahho!! Nosebleed!

August 26, 2009

Hocchan in cheerleading costume? WIN!!!

It’s been awhile since I last updated. I thought I died but I didn’t and I subtly remembered that I had a blog lol. So here’s an update after so long. Many things happened for between now and the previous update which made me unable to (or never bothered to) update my blog. So before I fangirl blog about Hocchan’s latest single Yahho!, lemme recap briefly what happened to me (since I’m so narcissistic I like talking about myself).

1) I graduated.

Yes I did! I finally obtained a degree majoring in talking crap and doing nonsense software engineering. Geek. Lol. The convocation was nerve wrecking. I had to wear the robe which somehow threatened to flip open with every single step I took walking to the stage. Wore the hat which somehow kept tilting to the right side of my head and the tassel kept smacking on my face. I had to wear formal clothings and my convocation started at 8am hence I had to be there by 7am like what the hell. I only managed a 2 hours sleep the night before because I epicly forgot to wash my formal clothings until 7 hours before convocation. Thank god it dried up in time. Got a bunch of presents from my housemates, friends and of course family. My sister gave me a present …(I won’t tell what) but it unexpectedly made me bawl like a baby when I opened it. God. I cried like there’s no tomorrow. Luckily I opened the present at home and not at the hall lol.

2) After graduation …now what? Job hunting!

I don’t even know why I did it so fast. My initial plan was to roll around and laze around at home for probably 4-5 months until my mother got sick of the sight of me and kick me out of the house for good. But, I guess the excessive spending on seiyuu stuffs taken its toll on me and I need some source of moolahs if I were to continue buying nosebleed inducing stuff like Hocchan’s new single Yahho! Somehow, I don’t even know how, I applied randomly for a job, answered randomly during an interview and I got the job. Lol. So I was only a NEET for 1 week after my convocation before I started working. Now I joined the likes of danie and j1m0ne in the working world. Yay, we’re gonna be a bunch of grumpy working people. Fun.

So yeah basically I was tied down with my job. The pro of my job is that the working hours are extremely flexible. I start at 10am usually and end at 6pm. I can go lunch anytime I want and my collegues are a fun bunch of people. We actually have badminton sessions on Wednesdays =D. The con of the job is that sometimes it’s really hectic. Flexible but hectic? Weird huh. But that’s how it is. Sometimes I have to run around Kuala Lumpur for meetings and then rush back to my office in Cyberjaya. The worst part is that I have to drive to those meetings or crawl my way through. KL traffic jam is no fun I tell you. No fun and I drive stick.

Anyway, that aside, let’s resume fangirling Hocchan =D. It’s been a while since I blog about Hocchan and this new single just gave me the perfect reason to do so. Yahho! ! is a new single by Hocchan released on the 26th August 2009 and it serves as the ED for the anime Kanamemo! This single’s PV is so nosebleed inducing. Hocchan in cheerleading costume and then she changes to multiple styles of sports outfit such as tennis (kyaa! Smack me with your racquet please Hocchan!), pingpong (smack me again!), lacrose (err…net me?) and golf (PANGYA, HOCCHAN, PANGYA!).

This single is special as the song Yahho! is composed by none other by Hocchan herself. She also penned her own lyrics for this song. Hocchan, a composer and lyricist? I APPROVE! A highly recommended single and you can get them here.

And if musical talents do not interest you to buy the single, then perhaps the dance by this loli obaachan will help interest you. You can watch the PV for Yahho! via the link below.

So yeah, grab the limited edition of Yahho! which comes with a DVD containing the PV before they run out of stock. Hocchan BANZAI!

Alrighty then. I should head to bed. It’s nearing 3am and I have to work tomorrow. For my obsession’s sake. Good night.



  1. Haha, work… I need to start looking for a job too T_T Still a student here, but same as you, need the money for the darn obsessions XP

    Anyway, agree on the Hocchan nosebleeding ;p Didn’t know she was the composer though ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (Didn’t bother checking) Hocchan Banzai indeed XD

  2. OMG BLOG UPDATE :O Welcome to the real world!

    ….and you’re so bad, showing me the YAHHO! PV yesterday made me go and order it straightaway even though I already overshot my budget in Tokyo D:

  3. After graduation โ€ฆnow what? Job hunting! I donโ€™t even know why I did it so fast.

  4. Glad to see you are still alive & kicking lol

  5. @Re-Hikari: Hocchan composed almost all her Kurobara Honzokai songs. So there you have it ๐Ÿ™‚

    @j1m0ne: What? It’s your own perverseness coming into play. Don’t blame me.

    @danie: Urusai. Atama ga ii no danie-san

    @Theundyingmage: Glad to hear from you too.

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