Danie just made me look like some Chihara Minori die hard fan…

July 4, 2009

Perhaps I went overboard?

So Danie went to Japan to fulfill her OCND (that’s Obsessive Compulsive Nana Disorder). Taking advantage of her trip, and knowing that she’s coming over to Malaysia for DaiCon after that, I asked her to buy some stuff for me. Then today, she sent me a picture of the stuff she bought for me together with the extras…now suddenly I feel like a stalker.

By the way, thank you Danie for getting all those for me. I love you <3. I know you walked around to get all those extras. But yeah, staring at that pictures kinda creep myself out. I’m slowly developing OCMD (figure it yourself).

Now DaiCon is just roughly 6 days away…I have to decide which one to choose for Minorin to sign. Hmm….decisions, decisions, decisions.



  1. *slow jealous rage at all the minorin in-store extras*

  2. Ugh, here I am having to get each bromide for $5 in auctions…then paying 400% more for shipping and middleman fees…having friends visiting Japan is nice. :/ But dang, here I was thinking that those extras were long gone. Guess Minorin isn’t as popular as I’d thought. Where’d Danie get each of those? Super curious.

  3. @Minorinfag: For your information, my darling danie walked and checked multiple shops to get me all the bromide <3.

    Yes I love danie too โค

  4. 2 DAYS MORE T-T I haet the intertubes for enabling me….!!! ARRGGGTHHHHHHHHHHH

    btw.. Have fun eh?

  5. Hi first time commenting here ><
    Can you be kind enough to sell me one item to me for photograph session ๐Ÿ˜›
    You can marked up the price I still will consider it lol
    My CD I ordered from PA didn`t arrive in time and I feel very bad to let minorin sign whiteboard or daicon booklet… D:
    This is my very desperate attempt to find any minorin goods I can buy haha… anyway im going also and will cover the event as one of affliated blogger so hope to see you there too^^

  6. YOU STOOD NEXT TO NEE-SAN!!!!! :green with envy:
    was she as nice as the summer breeze? did the birds sing in her presence…. haiz…

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