New Hocchan single announced!!! <3 <3 <3

May 22, 2009

Yes I directly screenshot from the official website. Yes I am THAT lazy.

It’s Friday 22nd May 2009 and I officially bombed 4 out of my 6 final examaination papers. Joy. In fact I have another paper due in 3 hours time but hey look what I’m doing. I’m updating my blog because I’m sick of reading about Defamation Act 1957 or Sedition Act 1948. Seriously why is there a law subject in my course? I don’t know. Screw it.

Anyway, just when I’m down and emo, I was brought to attention by danie about a new Hocchan single due to be released on August 5th! More Hocchan goodness! Hell yeah! As usual, the CD comes in two flavors, one regular edition and the other is the limited edition for roughly 700 yen extra but with the PV included ❤ . I think everyone can guess which version I’m buying. Hocchan is love ❤ ❤ <3. I admit I have been losing touch with anime related news or seiyuu news because:

1) My final year project is an ass.

2) My final year project moderator is an ass. (I don’t see how it’s related but I just want to mention that he’s an ass).

3) My degree major is an ass.

4) Watching anime or keeping up with seiyuu news admist all my assignments is a pain in the ass.

5) I’m an ass.

So err, what was I saying again? Oh the new single. Right. It’s actually the ending theme for an upcoming anime entitled “Kanamemo”. Don’t ask me what it is about because I didn’t really check it out but what I know is that they have voice actresses such as Horie Yui (again Hocchan is ❤ ❤ <3), Kugimiya Rie, Mizuhara Kaoru and Toyosaki Aki (better known as Hirasawa Yui in K-On! Well at least for me). Apart from Hocchan, the other three seiyuu mentioned above will be singing the Opening Theme for the anime. (No Hocchan = boooo).  Both singles are not available for sale yet in major sites like CDJapan or Amazon Japan but I assume it’s going to be up by early June. Will try to update about it if I remember to do so.

Now I shall cease my fangirl mode and resume studying about crappy laws. I have roughly 2 and a half hours to go before my paper. I’m feeling sleepy. Damn it. Wish me luck.



  1. You assface.

  2. Uguu~

    First an Album in July & now a new single in August…my my, Hocchan’s been a busy little girl hasn’t she XD

  3. New single “Yahho” is up for pre-order at CDjapan.

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