Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2009

No this isn’t a seiyuu crazed post.

I was doing my assignment halfway and I realized it’s already 1 hour passed Mother’s day…in my country at least. But hey it’s still mother’s day in countries with GMT + 6 and below. I didn’t do anything for this year’s mother’s day. Hell even Minorin went back and celebrate mother’s day. Okay, now I’m feeling guilty. But with 2 assignments to be submitted on Monday and with the bus tickets so awesomely priced, I cannot afford to go back (what more when I had to pay my food in COINS). So anyway, I wish to wish my mom in the cheapest way. (Yes, I’m a cheapo). So here’s to my mom, happy mother’s day. Thank you for being such an awesome mom and putting up with me (or maybe giving up) for 20 years and counting. I’m just going to list down some stuff. Thank you for:

1) Cleaning up my room and doing my laundry and cooking for me. (Lol I’m soooo gonna get whacked).

2) Allowing me enough freedom to go out and hang out with friends. Unlike some parents that ground their kids from going out just because it’s their SPM year (Malaysia’s O-level). I’m quite sure there’s no parents reading this blog lol.

3) Allowing me to buy consoles and slave myself playing. Okay, this is only partly true. Many times my mom kicked me back to bed when she saw me playing at 4.00am.

4) Supporting me during my university years. Sorry I couldn’t do better than second class because I freaking hate the course I take now. But thanks for sticking up with me anyway.

5) Allowing me to fangirl on Hocchan, Nana-chan and Minorin. Lol, I mean at least my mom didn’t freak out when I start drooling at Hocchan’s concert DVD.  Due to this support, many things were made possible. Many many things. (Okay, you all can stop thinking perverted stuff now).

Alright, I should stop here. I have two assignments starring at me and my mom’s probably travelling nicely in her dream land already. So happy mother’s day again. Good night.



  1. lol I live with mom but I was still cheap and didn’t get her anything, I’m useless.

  2. I didn’t have the habit of celebrating mothers’ day, anyway. But since I’m currently working now, hopefully I can get her something nice next year.

    Btw, if you didn’t mentioned that perverted stuff, I wouldn’t have thought about it. XD

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