Of New Chihara Minori’s Single “Tomorrow’s Chance” and New Horie Yui ALBUM OMG!

April 13, 2009

EI’m in a total zombie mode right now. After I came back I fell into coma for like 14 hours before actually waking up. When I woke up I was like…”WTF did I do?”. Sigh. Anyway, some good news…sorry if this post has no picture whatsoever because I am rushing out for lunch with my friends…yet I cannot resist the temptation to blog about this lol. Anyway, Minorin’s new single is finally up for pre-order! Entitled “Tomorrow’s Chance” this single is set to be released on 3rd June 2009. First press edition comes with cardboard sleeve…lmao wtf. Give us a PV already!!! Anyway, looks like another genki song like “Ameagari yo hana no sake” to me. You can order them via cdjapan here.

Another news is that Hocchan is coming up with a new album! Yes! Finally! After such a long wait. There’s not much information on the new album yet apart from it has limited edition that comes with MORE photo books. 24 pages to be exact. I will update accordingly once I get the info. Special thanks to j1m0ne for bringing this to my attention.  Alright anyway, I got to go now. Friend is already calling me and I’m running late. Will update this post when I come back. But seriously…go order Minorin’s single now! Woot. Karafuraipan!



  1. Just got back from Japan XD

    I missed out on going to the Starchild festival at NHK Hall in Tokyo due to not being able to get a ticket T-T I wanted to see Hocchan!

    Hocchan’s new album will have 13 songs including Vanilla Salt & Silky Heart.

  2. All of Minorin’s PVs go to her Message DVDs. Not like you didn’t know that already ;D

  3. we sorta have the same interest, i like nana mizuki and hocchan too XDXD.

  4. Hocchan’s new album is called “Honey Jet”

    Kinda like Vanilla Salt I guess…..

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