*3rd Updates* Townberry successfully BROKE the LMAO Guinness World Record..Shit I’m dead

April 10, 2009

I did it! I f**king did it! In fact it was increased to become a 40 hours record attempt and I survived it! I dedicate this mentally and physically torturing attempt to my mom, my sis, Hoc-chan, Nana-chan and Minorin!!! ❤ Special thanks to j1m0ne and danie for their support for the whole 40 hour period.


It’s 7.41am and we are at our 31st hour and 41 minutes mark. One word sums up basically how I feel right now. Shit. I feel like shit. Took a 30 minutes nap with my accumulated rest but I felt worse..I barely can open my eyes until my friend thrust me a can of nescafe. I musta drank like 2 dozens of Red Bull for the whole course and yet I still feel like sleeping. The scariest thing is that I am losing consciousness of myself. It’s like I don’t know what I am doing anymore and such like that. That’s why I forced myself to take a 30 minutes nap before my sanity snaps. Hopefully I can last till the end. 7 hours to go. Sigh.

P.S : My hair looks worse than shit and I probably smell like shit.


Alright, it’s 2.22pm Saturday and I am not doing so well. Morning was the worst time for me. I fell asleep playing L4D and also stepmania. Now they serve lunch so I’m more awake now. Also thanks to Danie who…accompanied me for a while ..chatting with me thru gtalk lol. Thanks. Hopefully I can survive and there’s a next update. Hopefully.

P.S: My hair looks like shit


Hello everyone, this is just a short post. Reporting live from inside Grand Hall of Multimedia University Cyberjaya (yes my university campus again). I am currently participating in an event called CyberFusion 2009 and it is an event recognized by Guinness World Record as an attempt to break the record for the longest LAN party ever held. There’s 250 participants and me and Kur0gan3 are part of the idiotic crowd that signed our dead will. Will be reporting from time to time during my breaks until the end or until I die. Wish me luck people. I shall dedicate this attempt to :

1) My mom and my sis
2) Chihara Minori for melting her kettle tip and entertaining me
3) Horie Yui for being the awesome Hocchan
4) Mizuki Nana for singing the song Eternal Blaze which I will no doubt spam during the attempt.

If I die…please tell all of the people above the list that I love them. Again. Wish me luck.



  1. Hocchan is number 3 D: is something wrong with you?

    Good luck btw!

  2. did you leave anything for me in your will?

  3. lol i herd about this one too
    gudluck :3

  4. Stepmania’s a great time-killer. I’ve sunk 5 hours into that game repeatedly in one go. Just keep trying to go for AAA’s on Nana/Minorin songs!

    You can do it! I’d play L4D with you, if it wasn’t 4 in the morning and I wasn’t so tired of that damn game myself and just waiting for the update to hit to start playing it again.

  5. You made it! Must be my sweet and polite voice.

  6. Did danie instill yuri voices into your brain, townberry?

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