DaiCon – A Celebration of Japanese Modern Visual Culture…Do I hear seiyuu?!

April 3, 2009

DaiCon…set to be the largest Japanese Modern Visual Culture convention ever held in Malaysia!!! …or so they said lol

I’m finally posting this out of guilt. That’s because I was part of DaiCon’s affliated blogger program ever since last month but I never get to do my part. I’m so slow to the point even my darling (lol) j1m0ne , who applied so much later for the program, did her part. I guess I have to redeem myself already lol.

So anyway, DaiCon, DaiCon, DaiCon. Yes what to say. Ah first of all. DaiCon stands for big (“Dai”) convention (“Con”) and not the radish…then again it seems everyone is comfortable with the radish pun jokes so radish it is lol. *Avoids the glare of DaiCon’s public relations’ committee*.

Here are the details of DaiCon:

Date: 11th July 2009 – 12th July 2009 (Saturday, Sunday)

Time: 10.00am – 8.00pm

Venue: Grand Hall, Multimedia University Cyberjaya (Don’t know where this is? Check the official website and click on the link “Getting Here”)

According to the details given so far at their official website (http://daiconnews.com), the confirmed attractions are Figurine Exhibitions by The Figure Mall,  Karaoke competition (lmao this is going to be fun), and cosplay competitions. There’s more attractions to be announced and since it’s still April, I won’t be complaining yet I guess.

But anyway, as seen from the poster above, it seems there’s going to be announcements soon regarding other attractions such as upcoming exhibitions, games, competitions…j-rock and j-pop? Wha? Oh it’s also a fangirl gathering. Me definitely going!

I’ll definitely be at the event despite the fact that I will be graduating from my university (oh yeah this is my university event lol) and I have a few reasons to do so:

1) Cause my darling j1m0ne’s going to be there …searching for toilets…*runs away from j1m0ne’s kick*

2) This event is too SUSPICIOUS. Too SUSPICIOUS I tell you! Why? You see that poster I included above. Look carefully…why is there Malaysia Airlines as the official airline? Same thing in the official website. And Animax-Asia as the official regional broadcast partner? What’s this? Someone’s coming?! Seiyuu?! Female?! *me camps outside of DaiCon’s venue*

3) And what’s with all these April Fool’s joke on DaiCon? And not just any joke…seiyuu is coming joke? Hmm… *me places bet on hoping the joke will be true and continue camping outside of DaiCon’s venue*

Anyway, it’s just the beginning of April right now so I guess there’s more to come and we have no choice but to wait. Then again I guess it will be a gathering of bloggers since I’ll be there, kur0gan3 will be there and j1m0ne’s tagging along lol. Any other bloggers want to join? Apply for the DaiCon’s bloggers affliate program and we can all wreck havoc inside lol.

Alright then, time for me to go to bed. 4.24am and I’m still awake. Not good for my skin tch tch tch lol. Be heading to bed now while praying hard in my dream that a female seiyuu will come. Hoc-chan, Nana-chan or Minorin is fine too ❤ .

To cover for my laziness, here’s another logo to pimp up DaiCon

P.S: Another reason is cause I like the blue color desu XD.



  1. I didn’t promise to kick you, I promised to pour Dettol on your eyes. Mwahahaha.

  2. I will be in Singapore during that time of the year, so depending on how quick they announce which seiyuu is going there (because I need to confirm my freelodging lol), I will join you in the fangirl gathering… er, or am I interrupting something here? 😛

  3. Alright now this is creepy. First j1m0ne comments then danie. Hmm…Yuri bond power between both of you working here. *runs away* Anyway….

    @danie: Come. We do some perverted bloggers gathering XD


  5. LMAO…You horny cow. XD
    *runs away*

  6. geez j1m0ne calm down, she’s just jealous.

  7. Will joining the ride too~
    *glomps berry* :p

  8. […] I’m now officially an affiliated blogger too, joining the likes of (ahem) j1m0ne and le–townberry. It would be relatively easy to spot us, just how often do you see hysteric girls vomiting blood […]

  9. I’ll probably join in the fan-ing. Or something.

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