Wanted Dead or Alive #2: Townberry’s found dead in the rut dreaming about Minorin

March 8, 2009

Who the bloody hell left Townberry 4 dead?

As usual, I survived yet again! Yay! I’m not (exactly) dead (yet)! I admit that I have not been updating my blog at all but hey I have my own valid reasons alright? Read them and you will pity my sad life.

1) My final year project is killing me. Why must I do SQL on flash? Why?

2) I have another 6 other subjects to juggle in between my final year project.

3) I am too busy playing left 4 dead in Steam. ADD ME! If you’re playing in steam too. My username is townberry!

4) I died temporarily trying to watch Chihara Minori’s Message 02 DVD. Yay, ear torture session is FUN!

5) All my clothes are stuck in the laundry and therefore I am a pitiful bastard without any clean clothes

See? I’m so pitiful (…or maybe not but let’s not dwell about that). Final year project certainly killed my social life in a sense. I found myself coping with the stress by repeatedly watching Hoc-chan’s Silky Heart PV which by the way is KYAAAAAAA MOEEEEEEEE!!!! I mean, Hoc-chan in school uniform? Plated skirt? Loose neck tie? White blouse? Knee length socks? I DIG THEM ALL!!! Look at her!

(Yes, I’m so lazy I’m posting the PV link from youtube)

Ahem. *Clears throat* Sorry about that sudden burst of fangirlism. What was I saying again? Ah yes, I was so busy I didn’t get to watch the Chihara Minori’s Message 02 DVD (which I stupidly bought) until recently. Despite being a constant ear torture, (I mean…can’t she speak in a LESS squeaky and LESS soft voice? Geez). Anyway, despite being a constant ear torture, I found out a few interesting stuff.

1) Oh wow, she’s really short. I remembered reading somewhere that she’s only 157cm tall but I refused to believe it cause well, she certainly looked 160cm++ to me in posters and PVs. Alas, her wearing sports attire practising for her concert MINUS her boots told me the truth about her height lmao. Welcome to the short people alliance Minorin.

2) Her bloody microphone cost roughly RM13,000.00 or roughly340,000 Yen. I am not kidding. Stupid Sennheiser SKM 5000 microphone.

It’s so expensive, Minorin has to show the brand out lol

3) Ame agari’s PV is still the best. Drenched Minorin FTW!!! Additionally you get to see how they blast Minorin with water during the making of the PV. Oh yeah, did I mention that the DVD includes the making of her PVs such as Melty Tale Storage, Ame agari no hana yo sake, Paradise Lost and Voyager Train.

4) The song everlasting (acoustic ver.) is really really nice. The PV is awesome too. Simple yet beautiful (god I sound so wrong) Minorin standing and singing casually in a recording studio accompanied by a grand piano is drool worthy.


5) I still cannot finish watching her 2 hours ++ documentary DVD. I kept falling asleep while listening to her talk. Must be the voice.

All in all a decent DVD but definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially the 2nd DVD. I don’t think anyone apart from her fans would want to sit down and watch her and her stuff (oh special appearance by the manager too lol) ramble on aimlessly for 2 hours++. The 1st DVD is awesome though. PVs and making of? It’s always nice to see a beautiful girl perform so haha no qualms about that. But overall, the value for money for this DVD? 6/10.

Lol, suddenly I am rating it. See? My final year project killed my sanity. Anyway, yes I am saying it’s not THAT worth it. Why? For me the usual complaint really. Give some special edition or some first press specials damn it! By paying 4500 yen for the DVD, all I get is a DVD…in a cheap looking plastic casing. I actually flipped a few times saying “that’s it?” Hell, even my Hoc-chan’s 1800 yen Silky Heart single has a so much more awesome-r cover than Minorin’s Message 02 DVD. Seriously someone should start telling Lantis that their packaging sucks.

Alright I should really stop here. My laziness is reacting again. The ultimate proof of how lazy I am is actually this blog post itself. I actually wrote it on the 25th February 2009 but only managed to post it up on 8th March 2009. Why? Because I’m too lazy to do that two bloody screenshots.

To make up for it, here’s a nice picture of Minorin that I randomly snagged from a forum. Sharing is caring. Don’t flame me. Till then, pray that I survived through my final year project.

P.S: Anyone who has a Steam account and plays L4D, please add me. My username is …well.. townberry. Lol. Then we can kill zombies together while you listen to me whine about my FYP. XD



  1. I see you’re still alive ojou-chan. XD

    I’m heading to Japan in a few weeks so….yeah….XD

  2. Oi! Stop going to Japan without me!!! What the hell.

    /me stabs Theundyingmage with katana.

  3. Yikes….I just read your post IN YOUR VOICE including the laughter and it was scary..

    P/s: added you to my blogroll.

  4. Clow: Exactly why you want to do that I don’t know. Besides, you can do my voice meh? My voice that low? Or is your voice that high?

  5. ahh..nice to see a minorin fan here…

    btw, i’m new to wordpress and trying hard to figure out how to really use it…

    anyway, nice blog u have here…

    p/s: someone throw me a Message02 dvd pls…

  6. I didn’t manage to watch finish the 1st DVD, let alone the 2nd.

    YES DRENCHED MINORIN FTW *drinks the water off*

  7. I always heard about problems with the steam account. Some account get even hijacked? Do you still think it is wise to get a steam account, I am usually to lazy to get a game in a store, so I would prefere to download them. Or are there any other options.

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