A Townberry CNY Special…Mizuki Nana Live Fighter Goodness <3

January 27, 2009

ZOMG…either Nana-chan watched too much Dark Knight or she’s somehow trying to promote Rosario + Vampire 2 or she has a weird fashion designer…Oh hey I am alive…Happy Chinese New Year!

Yay to me for finally updating my blog. I admit, I was caught up with my finals during the first and second week of January. Then I decided to lay around and be lazy until now. I apologize for my laziness. I shall repent by blogging out one lame random post which has nothing but pictures.

Well, I’m still waiting for Nana-chan’s single Shin Ai to arrive to me (although it was released weeks ago). Why? Because being a cheapo, I decided to pack the single up together with my Hoc-chan’s latest single and my Minorin DVD Message No.2 and therefore I shall not see the Shin Ai until at least February 6 2009. Therefore I have nothing to fangirl review or rant about. Besides, I’m too busy trying to cheat ask for ang pow from my victims relatives.

But hey, I can’t end the month of January with nothing. I have to give something. I guess. So err..I decided to give something nice (I think) to all Nana-chan’s fans out there. I decided to scan out the pictures from her Live Fighter Concert booklet. I scanned the pictures from both the Blue and Red Side booklet. I didn’t scan all the pictures because some are just pictures of the surroundings, crowd, etc. But I tried my best to give you the best Nana-chan scans that I can come out with using a sucky 3 year old scanner. To make up for that, I rar-ed up the pictures into one err..rar file and hosted it on my friend’s domain so that you don’t have to download it through megaupload or rapidshare. Below are the compilations of the pictures I scanned. All the individual pictures are found inside the rar file like the bat-girl Nana-chan above (but with higher resolution).

Thumbnail 1

Thumbnail 2

Thumbnail 3

You can get all the pictures here. All the pictures are obtained from the blu-ray version of the Live Fighter Concert booklet and they are scanned personally by me (that’s why it’s so sucky). Sharing is caring but please don’t distribute the file around without notifying me because I don’t want to get some weird lawsuit when I wake up one fine day. I also hosted the link in my friend’s personal domain server so you can probably reconnect your broken download if you use download manager softwares, but please be considerate and do spam 10mb/s speed continuously. I don’t want to break other people’s server traffice limit.

I hope you all will enjoy the pictures as I continue to laze around doing nothing while waiting for my Nana-chan, Hoc-chan and Minorin CDs and DVDs to arrive. If you like the scans, you can thank me by

1) Spamming the comment box saying “Thank you Townberry-sama/dono

2) Sending angpow to my bank account

3) Giving me a Playstation3

I will try to scan more stuff soon. Hoc-chan’s maybe…or Minorin’s…your call. Till then, gong xi fatt chai…happy chinese new year…angpow angpow angpow…okane okane okane…la la la…



  1. er… I can’t do the last 2 but at least I can say thanks ^^;;

  2. Thank you Townberry-sama~
    Will be waiting for your Minorin scans.
    BTW, connection was soo unstable..

  3. @Seedmanc: Eh really? I tried downloading it. Had no problem leeching it at 50kb/s despite using a 512kbps line. I am using google chrome without any download manager. Maybe the server hates download manager (if you’re using one). If you’re not then try using one lol.

    @moyism: Giving me your huge LCD screen is fine too =D

  4. hvnt dl it yet but thankies

    *throws angpows packets all over berry*

  5. I just got my Hoc-chan single today XD

    Anyway Happy Chinese new year & you aren’t getting a PS3 from me anytime soon XD

    SFIV is coming out soon anyway & I’m heading to Japan for Hanabi in April, so no money from me.

  6. Golly…. she sure is eccentric…
    arrggghhhh My minorin dvd cannot come any faster either… though its supposed to be close…. this is kiwiland i suppose
    and best of luck getting your ang pow….

  7. congratz on finally getting it XD
    and just to be an ass, i just want to say, Live Fever 3 days in Budokan was just insanly “AWESOME” XD (runs~

  8. Thank you Townberry-sama/dono
    Thank you Townberry-sama/dono
    Thank you Townberry-sama/donoThank you Townberry-sama/donoThank you Townberry-sama/dono
    Thank you Townberry-sama/donoThank you Townberry-sama/dono

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