Of Townberry’s Resolution for the dawn of the new year

January 1, 2009

Merry Chri…Wait..It’s new year already!!!

December is clealy a hellish month for me. I did not get the chance to update my blog at all (either that or I’m just too playing lazy to do so but I’m going to blame it on the workload). Nothing much on the seiyuu side either because:

1) I’m stuck in my campus in Cyberjaya

2) My Nana-chan’s concert blu-ray is in my hometown.

3) I have my Minorin album with me but I have no scanner so I cannot share the love lol.

The most I can share now is the cover for Nana-chan’s upcoming latest single as seen below:

I love the cover picture. It’s simple and nice. Compared to the OMG%#&%!*! cover picture to Trickster, I like the picture above better. I will be back to my hometown hopefully soon, and I will try to share some seiyuu goodies with you all ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, as previously mentioned. This has got to be the worst month ever for me. I’m so busy I practically didn’t realized that one whole month flew past me. When I look back at my previous post, I was shocked to see that it was dated back at 7th December 2008. Lol. Nearly a month without any updates.

Needless to say, I am kind of surprised my blog stat meter still maintains a regular traffic even with all these inactivity. So to all the readers who got nothing better to do but to read this blog, I thank you. Now you shall thank me for thanking you by giving meย  a Playstation 3 XD.

Oh well, 20 minutes before heading into the year 2009 and I’m stuck alone in my apartment. Just ordered from a food delivery service. I told them “I hope to see you before next year!”. Lol. Bad joke I know. Ordered a bolognese pasta with popiah. Weird combination? I thought so too but my brain wasn’t functioning when I ordered so I randomly spew out some words and somehow pasta and popiah came out. If you don’t see me around the internet for a week, then you know I died of food poisoning.

Anyway, New Year, New Year, New Year. It’s the year 2009 and as usual, I have new year resolutions! Although, I don’t even remember my year 2008 resolutions at all! Woot! So I’m going to list my resolutions out here…so in case if I forget, I got a place to refer back to. So here you go, TOWNBERRY’S AWESOME ZOMGWTFBBQSAUCE RESOLUTION FOR THE YEAR 2009!!! ….Okay, I tried and failed in making the announcement grand. Sad. Alright resolutions…

1) Save more money – My money has been pouring out like Niagara Waterfalls in the year 2008. I blame it on the three main culprits, Horie Yui, Mizuki Nana and Chihara Minori. Thank you for releasing singles and albums one after another. You are all so kind to my wallet. Of course I too blamed it on the world economy crisis and the pathetic ringgit value. 100 yen to RM3.90? What country am I living in?!

2) Be more obsessive towards Hoc-chan, Nana-chan and Minorin secretly – I shall stalk them more. I shall stalk them more. I shall stalk them more…

3) Graduate and run away with my degree – I can’t wait to graduate. I had enough of my assignments. I had enough of doing stupid presentations to lecturers that I don’t even know. I had enough of climbing up that rocky pathway to my campus. I had enough of lame expensive food available here.Ultimately, I hate studying so get me out of here please.

4) Pursue my pi…ooh my food really arrived before new year! XD. Ahem. Okay, let’s start again.

4) Pursue diploma in piano playing – I never got the chance to finish it up. I hope to complete this some day some way. I predict myself to be a jobless wandering graduate after I completed my degree anyway so I really wish I can finish up something that I should have completed 4 years ago.

5) Travel around the world and relax before working – Yeah, it’s going to kill my wallet again. But, hey I don’t feel like working RIGHT AFTER I graduate. Hm…Alright, maybe I shall scale down this resolution and be content with “Sleeping around in my house before working” XD.

6) Attend a seiyuu’s concert – Hell yeah. I don’t care what it takes. I want to go to the concert and start shouting like a mad person. Be it Hoc-chan’s, Nana-chan’s or Minorin’s. Anyone wants to join me for a group holiday in Japan?

7) Spend more time with my family members – Ah, I have been neglecting my mom and sister..okay wait my sister is always around online so…I have been neglecting my mom. I haven’t been sending her chinese drama torrents lately. I haven’t been travelling back lately due to my workload. Alright mom, I will accompany you after I graduate lol.

Oh hey, it’s 12am in my place already. So happy new year people! It’s already total chaos in my apartment area, people shouting and screaming while blasting fireworks up. I guess I shall stop here now and go eat my first meal for the year 2009. Pasta and popiah. Ew.

P.S: By the way, Hirano Aya is currently in Kuala Lumpur for her upcoming DVD shootings or something like that. Try spotting someone with baju kurung and tudung lol. You can also try stalking her in Equatorial Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Apparently she is staying there. And oh, Aya-chan, Mak cik is NOT okaa-san. It’s oba-san. Don’t just take the “mak” and forgot the “cik”. Kesian giler…



  1. You can’t blame Hoc-chan for your inability to control your spending XD

    You can blame your work for not paying you enough so that you can buy her stuff.

  2. Live Fever Sanjou~! XD
    Do suggest you to think twice before jumping in, it’s very addictive XD

  3. Who’s girl in first pic?

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