Of Aya Hirano came to Malaysia? Lol lol lol. Marilah belajar Bahasa Melayu…a visit Malaysia crash course by townberry

January 1, 2009

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the power of the Makcik

Apparently the short of Hirano Aya to Malaysia caused just a big ruckus among otakus. Especially Malaysian Otakus. Interesting piece of news and comments can be found in sites such as hashihime’s, sankaku complex and my fellow friend kurogane’s. Some even went to the extreme of calling the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia to ask for information but they complained no one picked up the phone. For your information, embassy of Japan in Malaysia is currently having a christmas+new year break. They will only resume work on 5th January 2009. Same goes for Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur. So don’t bother.

Before I begin, let me tell you all Hirano Aya stalkers out there. She already went back to Japan laaaa. Balik liao….So you can continue your healthy planning of hanging out with friends to celebrate New Year.

But reading her diary entries regarding her opinion about Malaysia are definitely interesting. Seems she has taken a liking to “strange” food she found in Malaysia. She definitely gave some original terms to all the food she ate here lol. Since I am bored and amused, here are some correct explanations to her definations of Malaysia food and terms.

Aya Hirano’s version


Townberry’s explaination

It’s actually kebaya. I don’t blame her since Japanese don’t pronounce “ke” like we do in Malay language. They only pronounce it as “ke” like Minami-ke but in this term, the “ke” in kebaya is pronounced like how we say “err” “seer”.

Kebaya is one of Malaysia’s national clothing. There are alot of national clothings in Malaysia due to the multi racial culture.  The above picture shows her wearing the kebaya with a tudung (or veil). The “okaa-san” beside her is wearing what we call “Baju Kurung”. Notice the difference between the two clothings. Kebaya usually has buttons and parting in the middle section of the clothes, while baju kurung doesn’t. Usually baju kurung you just thug it down like a t-shirt (that’s what I did in high school lol) while baju kebaya you need to button it up.

Aya Hirano’s version

That alien thing in her bowl of dessert.

Townberry’s explanation.

That green alien thing in her bowl of dessert has a name. It’s called cendol and it’s safe for consumption lol. I am not sure what it is made of (probably some gelatine stuff) because personally I am not too keen on cendol or the dessert bubur acar (that white bowl of dessert). The dessert is made up of coconut milk (santan), evaporated milk, sweet corns, sweet red bean and crushed ice. Some people add in biji sago inside for extra taste. Unfortunately I don’t remember what they call sago in english lol. Sago, similar to rubber and palm oil is one of the things that grow abundantly in Malaysia.

Aya Hirano’s version

Malaysia’s okaa-san

Townberry’s explaination

It’s not mommy as what she called the lady pictured above beside her. “Makcik” in malay means aunt or auntie or in short obasan. I guess she took the “mak” and left the “cik” part because Malay language, being its usual self, is super confusing. “Mak” alone means mother (so Aya Hirano is correct here). But when you add in “cik” it becomes “makcik” and it means auntie instead. And oh “cik” itself stands for “miss” like “Miss Hirano”. Lol. I can’t imagine someone calling out “Cik Hirano”. Alright bad idea. Moving on.

Last but not least…

Aya Hirano’s version

Oppai manjuu

Townberry’s explanation





Sorry my brain went overheat again. Oppai manjuu. Sorry to burst the bubble but we don’t order it by saying “Can I have some boobies bun?”. It’s a chinese delicacy and the proper name should be “man thau” or “man dou”. It’s basically like those pork meat buns, chicken buns or whatever kaya buns, red bean buns you can find. Judging from the picture, her boobies buns should be just the plain buns means there’s no fillings inside. But I gotta admit, I don’t know why the restaurant nicely draw a red circle on the top of the bun. Kinda…gives…me…some..weird…idea.

These boobies buns can be found in most big chinese restaurant. If you want the non pork version (halal) ones, they have them with fillings such as chicken meat, or red bean paste easily available in hawker stores or 7/11. In malay language we call this “PAU” pronounced as pow like how we pronounce power.

Alright, that’s all for now. I’m too amused and I can’t help myself but to perform my duty as a Malaysian and explain all the interesting terms Hirano Aya came out. Besides, the makcik is too epic to be left alone. She made history in Malaysia by being the first Malaysian featured with Hirano Aya lol. Makcik banzai!!!! However, I am glad she found the food here tasty despite having some weird appearance. I lol-ed when she went Umyaaa on the desserts.

Now, I’m going to head back to my bed and start praying that Hoc-chan will drop by in Malaysia too. Till then, salam mesra dan jumpa lagi. Yay. Saya bertutur dalam bahasa melayu lol.



  1. Actually we do sometimes call the buns ‘neng gu bao’ in Hakka which of course means either bra, or boobie buns. Yum!

  2. @j1m0ne: …Shhh…Don’t say that out okay? I’m trying to make the name sound less perverted here and you destroyed the whole image. But thank god they don’t call it boobies bun in hokkien or else it’s gonna be like…”nen nen bao”

    Okay…this conversation ends now.

  3. Still waiting for Tamura Yukari to come to Singapore…. :p

  4. Still waiting for any of them to come to Australia….
    By the way Kurobara just released a new album at comiket 75 according to Hoc-chan’s diary.

    Its called “A Vorte Sante!!” Comiket 75 exclusive

    Song List

    1. フーガ ト短調 ~仮面の憂鬱~
    2. 花火
    3. ラストフレンド
    5. ヒカリ -type black-
    6. 満天プラネタリウム
    7. Flower
    8. 惑星ドライブ
    9. レッドシグナル
    10. wonder wall
    11. 飛べない天使
    12. Happy Happy*rice shower -type black-
    13. A Vorte Sante!!

    And they are also releasing a book called “The File” in March for Y4200

  5. @Theundyingmage: I ordered the album from a friend who is studying in Japan XD. Persuaded him to go comiket 75 and grab them for me. I cannot resist buying it. It’s a whole freaking album lol lol.

  6. Can I have two kaya nen bau please?

  7. OMG!! Why didn’t I know about this?? Damn!
    LOL, oppai manjuu! XD

  8. all that food originally from indonesia you know?!! tck, tck

  9. la…aya dtg malaysia….x sempat nk tengok….nape x ckp! hesh… benci2x waaa T^T

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