Of New Hoc-chan single Silky Heart and Chihara Minori Message 02 DVD

December 7, 2008

How I wish this picture was taken in my room XD

Dear Santa,

Christmas is coming and I have been exceptionally good this year. I stalked Hoc-chan and Minorin and at the same time I managed to scraped through my studies. Furthermore, I finally updated my blog despite being busy with my final year project and some other random stuff in campus. This shows my dedication in my obsession. Therefore, I strongly believe that I deserve some gifts for being good.

Of course, I am aware that there are more obedient and angelic people around me therefore I shall not ask for any expensive presents (eg. PS3). So dear santa, here is my humble wish list for this year’s christmas. I’m sending in this early before everyone else bombard your mail box with their wish list.

Santa, in case you don’t know what this is, it’s Horie Yui (Hoc-chan)’s upcoming latest single “Silky Heart” and it’s the second opening theme for the anime Toradora. The limited edition comes with the Silky Heart PV. It’s set to be released on 28 January 2009. Yes, Santa, I don’t mind my christmas present coming in a month after christmas. It’s only priced at 1800 yen or roughly USD18 so I’m sure you can afford it.


Of course, there is also a regular edition for the single Silky Heart. However, there’s no PV included so Santa, please avoid getting this for me. Although, I don’t mind this should the limited editions sold out.


Santa, originally I didn’t want to request this because I had enough of listening to Minorin’s soft squeaky voice speaking back in her Message 01 DVD. Trust me, it wasn’t a nice experience. Furthermore, there’s no limited edition to this DVD so I really don’t see the point in getting it. However, the marketing people is cunning and they decided to throw in a Special Unplugged Live performance from Minorin as the extra content for this DVD. Therefore Santa, as much as I dislike listening to Minorin speaking, I like listening to her singing. What’s more it’s the unplugged version. So please get this for me as well. Furthermore, for your shipping convenience this DVD is set to be released on the 4th of February 2009. So Santa, I don’t mind if you pack this up together with my Hoc-chan’s single “Silky Heart”.


Ah Santa, I totally forgot about the anime White Album until I see this single up for pre-order. Clearly Nana-chan is singing the opening theme for the anime. I don’t want to know who sings the ending theme *cough cough*. This single is also conveniently set to be released on the 21st January 2009. The first press edition comes with a special white case. Hmm… It seems that everything is packed up together so I’m just request Santa to pack everything from my Hoc-chan’s Silky Heart single, Minorin’s DVD, and Nana-chan’s single together XD. Thank you Santa.

That’s all for my wishlist Santa. (Told you it’s very little). I hope to hear from you soon. Meanwhile, I haven’t even actually listened to Minorin’s latest album “Parade” although I obtained it like last week. Why? Because there are several personal things in my life that made my love level towards Minorin decreased steadily. But of course, that is something between me and any other people that actually know what I’m talking about lol. And oh, the B2 size poster of Minorin is not as thrashed as the first poster of hers that I got from her concert DVD. But that poster is still stashed in the box and stacked above my graphic card’s box.

Meanwhile, Minorin is doing good for the year 2009 with her concert tour announced. Between the month February and March, she will be touring in 9 different locations around Japan. NINE BLOODY LOCATIONS AND SHE CANNOT EVEN COME TO SOUTH EAST ASIA. *Ahem* Personal frustration outburst there. Interestingly, they removed the dates of her supposedly concert tour in China. I wonder what happened…hmm…Screwed up schedule perhaps…

And oh, I forgot to mention this but Minorin is currently touring in Taiwan. If you’re in Taiwan and you missed it, sucks to be you. She had a talk show yesterday and tonight, she will be performing live with Yui…Sakikabara. Seriously when I first saw the title “Dream Stage – Yui And Minori” for 5 seconds I screamed “OH MY GOD HOC-CHAN WITH MINORIN? OUTRAGEOUS ” but meh, turns out to be Sakikabara Yui and Minorin. She will be leaving Taiwan tomorrow but she will stick around during the morning…touring Taiwan. So go stalk her if you happened to be in Taiwan. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

Anyways, I shall be getting back to continue staring at my Final Year Project and my computer graphics assignment and my DirectX9 assignment. Screw you programming. You make my life miserable. Till next time, long live insanity.



  1. Aquaplus sweetheart Suara will perform White Album ED, of course.

  2. oh wow. yui-nyan with minorin together on stage.
    i wonder what hijinks they can do and what squeeky songs they can sing together (btw, i like yui-nyan).
    hope someone will upload it smwhere for me to hear it.

    and dear god, plz release animelo 08 dvd’s faster. i cant wait to see the duets of the lifetime.

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