Of Someone Get Me These Hoc-chan PV’s please and incoming heartbreak moments

November 21, 2008

Short haired Hoc-chan…Thank god it’s not permanent…

I’m bored while waiting for the release of Minorin’s album. So in the meantime, while waiting for Minorin’s album, can someone help me find if there’s any full version of these two PVs from Hoc-chan? I’ll give you some virtual lollipops ๐Ÿ˜›

The song sung in the PV above is “Zutto” from Hoc-chan’s album “Darling”. Zutto is one of my top Hoc-chan favorite song for it’s awesome piano accompaniment and catchy lyrics. Apparently this PV is only to promote the album darling but hey, one can always hope there’s actually a full version of this PV. This PV reminds me a little of Egao no Rensa’s PV (which never fails to make me grin like an idiot) so if there’s a full version of this PV it would be awesome. I would probably nosebleed for the whole 5 minute duration of the song.

Next up is…Hoc-chan doing para-para lol. This is an extract of an advertisement promoting the single Vanilla Salt. The song sung in the commercial is I, My, Me which is the insert song from the single Vanilla Salt. Hm, I don’t know why Hoc-chan is suddenly dancing para-para style again. I guess it all started during the final Aice5 concert last year in Yokohama Pacifico on the 20th September 2007. (Hoc-chan’s birthday hehe). During that concert, they started singing “Love Power” para-para style. Which was really catchy. I mean…Hoc-chan doing para-para dance and Chiaking! Ooh Takahashi Chiaki was so awesome with her struts and going all “Nigi te! Hidari Te! Aice5 Aice5 yon yon yon!” and..eh..what was I saying again? Ahem. *Slaps self for being perverted*. But lol apparently the para-para like dance traumatized some people like my friend kur0gan3. I was abit disturbed at first but lol as the ultimate loli obaa-chan stalker, I’m sadisticly attracted to the dance and wants more of it. Therefore I want the full version of I, My, Me PV if it’s indeed available hehe. Though for now, I have to satisfy myself with only Vanilla Salt’s PV. XD

The whole Vanilla Salt PV is literally filled with Hoc-chan dancing hehe. Somehow, I can imagine all Hoc-chan’s otagei fans will dance the same dance if Hoc-chan performs Vanilla Salt for her future concert. I mean…well..I err….kinda well..remembered the dance already too. *Looks away*

In another news, regarding the Minorin’s 16 different specials included in her upcoming album, “Parade Dream”, I just found out what I got as the first press edition special. A Minorin poster. Hahaha. If I am not living in Malaysia and using the sucky Pos Laju Lambat, I would be jumping up and down with joy now. Unfortunately, I am living in Malaysia and therefore I’m emo-ing and praying hard for my poster’s safety. Why? Because the last time when I ordered Minorin’s concert DVD, they gave a poster as well for the first press edition. When the package arrived to my house I discovered that:

1) Malaysia Custom epicly held my package for nearly a week before releasing it back to the post office.

2) My package box was nicely crushed in the middle part

3) My Minorin’s poster was ALSO nicely crushed in the middle part

What’s more, I got freaked out when I saw the rolled up poster crushed in the middle and in haste of trying to unroll the poster, I accidentally tore the edge of the poster. Ha ha ha ha. The aforementioned poster is now currently stuffed on top of my clothes cabinet back in my hometown, away from my sight in order to prevent remembering that traumatizing day. Oh well, now I shall pray hard for my poster and also wait for another extra 10 days after the release date for my package to arrive cause somehow I kinda predicted that the customs will go take their own sweet time holding up my package again. Sigh. Oh well, at least I got the Limited Edition and it comes with a photo book of Minorin.

Argh, I should head to sleep now. I have a class at 8am and it’s already 1.20am. By the way, for anyone who had watched Amazing Race Asia Season 3 Finale….even though Ida and Tania didn’t get 1st, they still ROCK. I support them more now! Okay, enough of muttering random things. Good night.



  1. Hahaha hope someone will upload the PV u wanted~

    Lol ur package got crushed. It must be really pissed off. Oh well…Take your time waiting.
    And I’m damn waiting for my Holiday ^^ yay~

  2. She looks cuter with short hair ^^

  3. Hoc-chan’s got a new Single coming on the 28th of January called Silky Heart.

    Its the new opening for Toradora.

    As for the PV make sure if you get them Townberry that you send them to me too.

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