Of Tamura Yukari’s new single Tomorrow and Amazing Race Asia 3 Finale FEVER!!!

November 17, 2008

I gotta admit, this picture is nice

Yay, I’m back from my 2 weeks++ running away expedition. I was so caught up with all the things I need to do for the new semester and my final year project, I totally forgot to update my blog hehehe. Besides, nothing much going on for Hoc-chan or Minorin so yeah… I went MIA. Anyway, I’m back for the moment and surprise surprise…I see a new Tamura Yukari’s single up for sale. (Oh hey, I’m blogging about Tamura Yukari again..just to spike at my friend karecat XD). Set to be released on December 17th 2008, this single comes with a limited edition set. By paying extra, you will get the PV for the single. As far as I’m concerned, this single is not for any anime. Instead, this is a short description of the single courtesy of Cdjapan.

“New single release from a popular voice actress Yukari Tamura featuring theme to Windows soft “Dance x Mixer,” intro theme to “Yukari Tamura Itazura Kuro Usagi,” and more for three songs total. Limited edition includes a bonus DVD with music video and making-of footage.”

So yeap, seems to me like songs for her fan club hehe. You can buy the limited edition of the single “Tomorrow” here.

And what’s more it seems that Yukarin’s on a roll…roll roll roll *me slaps myself stop doing that*. While Hoc-chan is nicely wasting her prime time away without releasing much single, Yukarin already has something planned for the year 2009. Less than one month after the release of the single “Tomorrow”, she will be releasing another single called “Soul In Love” on the 7th of January 2009. There’s only one song announced for the single so far. For those interested, you can pre-order it here. Apart from the release date and title, there’s not much details regarding the single yet…but hey…at least she is releasing something…Unlike that…Hoc-chan ARGH! I’M SO FRUSTRATED WAITING FOR HER TO COME OUT WITH A NEW SINGLE!!!

Ahem. Sorry for the outburst. Anyway, yeah apart from the Yukarin news, it’s a slow month for me. Still waiting for Minorin’s new album Parade to be released. I know my friend is waiting impatiently for the release. Not for the Minorin’s album. Rather, she’s waiting impatiently because I helped her order her gay band favorite boy band NEWS’ new album “color” and I packed both the CD together hehehe. I will be looking forward to the photo booklet inside the Minorin’s album and alas, I am not rich enough to gather all the 16 different specials packed together with Minorin’s album. Oh well, another 9 days to wait before the album is officially released.

Meanwhile, I’m a little brainwashed by Hoc-chan’s Vanilla Salt PV dance. Is she trying to revive para-para? Lol. And apparently there’s a PV for I, My, Me too…which involves MOAR para-para like dance from Hoc-chan. Alas, the PV is not available in her single so if anyone managed to download I, My, Me PV from any japanese tv channel, please upload and send the link to me. =D

And last but not least, I will be extremely busy until at least Thursday night so I guess I won’t be updating much until Minorin’s album is released. That’s because I’m busy waiting for the finale for Amazing Race Asia 3 lol. I gotta tell you, if you haven’t been watching Amazing Race series, it’s fine…I don’t watch them either. I don’t get what’s so fun about watching people running around in a high tension mode and screaming at each other when they are lost or screwed up. But oh, this Amazing Race Asia Season 3 is really awesome and different thanks to one team and one team only and they are Ida and Tania from Malaysia.

Now, let me just clarify that I am not supporting them merely because they are Malaysians. Malaysians have been joining Amazing Race Asia since season 1. Hell, they even came in first for the first season but I didn’t even watch them lol. I support Ida and Tania because for the first time ever, I see extreme hillarity and tonnes of WTF LOL moments in Amazing Race. I am really impressed the fact that one of them is an actress (Ida) and the other is an heiress (…err..wtf). Anyway, to sum it up they are both ojou-sama o-hime-sama. When I first saw the advertisement, I thought they are going to be a team that probably’s going to last for 1 or 2 episode before saying goodbye in a bitchy way. I was proven wrong even at the first time (I started at episode 5) I watched the show. Not only they never quarrel on screen, (seriously..they NEVER!!!) they also never complained or whined during the whole show! I was really really impressed! In fact, I still am! They made me trackback and watched all episodes for the season from episode 1-10 and every single episode they did some epic lulz moments.

They are so epic that even my fellow friend kur0gan3, instantly became their fan after I let him watch just one episode. In fact, another friend of mine actually came to my apartment and marathoned all 10 episodes just to see their epic moments. What’s more amazing is that even with their wtf lulz moments, they managed to reach the top 3. The finale will be aired on this coming thursday and I will be rooting for them in hopes that they will come in first. Of course I know that the results are out like months ago (the shooting for the whole show only took them 5 weeks) but I will still root for them lol. So go Ida! Go Tania! You have the full support from the insane yuri seiyuu stalking blogger called Townberry lol.

Ah, I should probably stop writing and continue playing PS2 doing my assignments. In the mean time, go watching Amazing Race Asia Season 3 for the lulz moments. Seriously, go download them. Go. And if you support Ida and Tania, I shall reward you with this loli Hoc-chan picture and Minorin’s Lost Paradise picture <3. Lol.



  1. yukarin piccy GET! ๐Ÿ˜€

    oh wow. your post about yukarin is getting longer and longer each new stuff of her coming out. dnt tell me that you’re actually falling for her too, eh *nudge nudge*?

    and darn, i missed the whole season of amazing race asia and ida nerina is in it too! gonna plonk myself infront of the telly and wait for the reruns.

  2. @karecat: Me? Falling for Yukarin? MWHUAHAHAHAHA…excuse me while I hide my head under my pillow and laugh out loud…No way girl…I hate Nanoha too much XD. Though Ranpha absorbed some of the damaged but Nanoha is still too annoying for me XD.

    And yes you missed the whole season sucks for you lol lol lol…Actually if you want it you can get from me. Bawak jer your hard drive…that is if you see me laaa…..And Ida and Tania rocks la la la…

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