Missing (phail) Blogger Townberry Wanted: (Preferably) Dead or Alive

November 5, 2008

For the past week, the idiot Townberry has been reported missing from the realm of bloggers. She was last spotted blogging on the 25th October 2008. She had ran away and was overheard by some random passerby about “feeling extremely lazy and at the same time running away from a 4 figure credit card debt”. Apparently, her debt is so terrible, even her bank account ceased to exist anymore.

Ultimately, she decided to run away once and for all after receiving an e-mail notification that her orders of Hoc-chan’s Vanilla Salt Single and Minorin’s Lost Paradise Single are being shipped to her home address (read: more debt to her credit card).

However, she was also rumored to be bragging about her achievements on the virtual world of Fable 2. Apparently, she earned 2 million golds before even completing the main quests in the game. Last we heard, she is still trying to kill a big troll to impress some random villagers in order to gain more fame. However, her 2509182742th attempt failed once more after her xbox360 wireless controller battery gave up on her at the very last minute of the battle.

Therefore, all updates in this blog will be suspended until further notice the remnants of Townberry’s body are found. However, all hopes are not lost as we overheard some of her neighbours saying that Townberry will be back to blogging by this weekend or early next week because

1) She has to sit for her MUET (Malaysian University English Test) on a freaking weekend

2) Her university semester break is ending

3) She’ll probably be bored of Fable 2 by then

4) She cannot survive long without mentioning anything about female seiyuus in this blog

5) She will be heading back to her university campus and there’s nothing much to do there but blogging

Till then please be patient as we try our best to recapture that lazy idiot Townberry. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of a forever 17 year old girl who is also someone that Townberry kept insisting is her little sister (but in reality has no relation whatsoever with her). Though, I got to admit, in the picture below, Townberry’s “little sister” looked more like a 7 year old than a 32 17 year old. In a way, it’s a little disturbing. Therefore, viewer’s discretion is advised. Till then, please continue reading and supporting this blog.



  1. I don’t own a single credit card. My bank account has six figures! I’m rich!

    Good luck in recovering Townberry’s body, whoever you may be.

  2. *townberry comes out of hiding with a loudspeaker mic*
    *townberry uses the loudspeaker mic and shouts*

    @j1m0ne: I hate j00 for being so rich!!! Argh!!!!

    *townberry runs back to the bush and continues her “running away” expedition*

  3. Loli Hoc-chan! XD My favorite type of Hoc-chan!

    There’s no such thing as debt for an Otaku XD

  4. you reap what you sow.
    i am too.

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