Of Mizuki Nana Live Fighter Concert DVD/Blu-ray on Sale…

October 25, 2008

Oh Nana-chan…you made my upcoming Christmas so happy yet sad at the same time T_T

All I want for Christmas….is someone to donate me 1600 ringgit Malaysia…so that I can buy myself a PS3. All I want for Christmas…is someone to convince my sister to share with me to buy PS3…so that I can bloody watch Nana-chan’s concert in blu-ray.

Anyway, went for another round of random surfing today and found out that Mizuki Nana’s anticipated Live Fighter Concert DVDs are now officially up for pre-order. What’s more, it’s also available in blu-ray (I think we all know this by now).

So yay, you can either grab the DVD…which conveniently come in two boxes at the price of 4000 yen each. The DVDs are seperated into the Blue side and Red Side. You need both sides if you want to watch the complete concert. But voila, if you have blu-ray player, you don’t have to worry such a thing. You pay 9000 yen and you get both the Blue and Red side in one pack and what’s more….you get a 5.1 surround and also …MIZUKI NANA IN HIGH DEFINITION!!!

Both the blu-ray and dvd version of the concert comes with a limited packaging as their first press edition so place your order quick if you want the err..limited packaging. I pre-ordered the…blu-ray version despite not having a blu-ray player yet. Therefore I am half emo and half happy now. Oh well, I can always take my time and wait for the right time to buy a PS3. It’s alright…I can…wait…ahh…what a lonely christmas….with Nana chan’s blu-ray in my hand…but I can’t watch it because I don’t have the right player… (*sobs silently in a corner*).

I welcome any amount of donations in any major currencies. Please wire transfer the money to my bank account. Kthx. Sigh.

Anyway, if you’re interested in getting the DVD or Blu-ray…you can get them by clicking the links below. Now I’m going to continue my emo streak. Later.

Nana Mizuki Live Fighter Blue X Red Side (Title subject to change) [Blu-ray] / Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki Live Fighter Blue Side (Title subject to change) / Nana Mizuki <— The first set of DVD

Nana Mizuki Live Fighter Red Side (Title subject to change) / Nana Mizuki<—The second set of the DVD



  1. Lucky for me I already have a PS3….maybe I should get this DVD/Blu-ray then XD.

  2. i dont feel soo lucky,
    lucky, lucky, lucky
    coz i cant get any of em~

    yup, its sad. i dnt have any extra moolah available…

  3. Maybe, If I’m lucky, I’m gonna get an Acer which includes a Blu-Ray Player within this week. Then, I’ll order the Blu-Ray Version. Until then, nobody shall order the Blu-Ray Version!!! I want the first press edition…

  4. well, i just ordered 3 copies…and that made me totally wish i was living in japan…2 copies of dvd and 1 copy of blu-ray + shipping costed me 500 dollor canadian OTL, but at least i’ll get some posters and the in store special release stuff that comes with it. the road of fanboyism is an endless hole, for us that’s not living in tw/hk/jp good luck trying to get use to the feeling, saying that, my goal is to one day get a job in japan and live there, that’s the goal for me.

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