Of Vanilla Salt Vanilla Salt Vanilla Salt <3, Paradise Lost cover picture and Hoc-chan = Love

October 22, 2008

Zomg…that..left picture is…is…is that how Hoc-chan looks like in SHORT HAIR?!!!

Vanilla Salt is officially out! And I’m still not getting the single I ordered! !@$###%^&! Why did I pack my Hoc-chan single order with Minorin’s Lost Paradise? Why? Why?! Now I feel like banging my head for not being able to watch Vanilla Salt’s PV sooner. When is November coming? Sigh. Anyway. I listened to both Vanilla Salt and I, My Me and here are my thoughts:

1) Vanilla Salt – The starting is cute and catchy. But it tends to get abit repetitive. I wish there’s something else in the middle but…:(

2) I, My Me – This song…it made me lost part of my brain. All I remember now is I, My, I, My, I, My, I, My, I, My, I , I, I, I, I,…..ah..what was I saying again? What am I doing again?

If you want to listen to the full version of Vanilla Salt. Here’s the youtube version of it. I’m too lazy to upload the audio file for it. My internet is like a snail today.

Well compared to the album darling, I would say this single is abit of a let down. Maybe it’s just me not really into trance music. But I find this single a little repetitve. But I still don’t regret buying it. Why? NOTHING GOING TO STOP ME FROM COLLECTING MORE OF HOCCHAN GOODNESS XD. All in all, a decent single but nothing compareable to songs like Love Destiny, Scramble and so on. Ah talk about her old songs. The results for the Starchild in Kobe 2008 are out! (Thanks to Theundyingmage for alerting me about that). Basically it’s an event in Kobe organized by Starchild (duh) with their artistes performing. I’m not very sure about the details because I didn’t bother finding out much about an event THAT I’M UNABLE TO ATTEND T_T.

Anyway, Hoc-chan was part of it and a think one month ago, they came out with this “Vote for your favorite Hoc-chan’s song” poll in her official website in conjunction with the Kobe 2008 event. The results are in now that the event ended. Below are the results for top 10 Hoc-chan’s all time popular songs as spammed by me voted by her fans:


笑顔の連鎖 (Egao no rensa)
第2位 Love Destiny
第3位 ずっと (Zutto)
第4位 桜 (Sakura)
第5位 ヒカリ (Hikari)
第7位 Happy happy * rice shower
第8位 恋する天気図 (Koisuru Tenkizu)
第9位 キラリ☆宝物 (Kirari Takaramono)
第10位 スクランブル (Scramble)

Most of my favorite songs got into the top 10 list. A little disappointed that “Days” didn’t make it and Scramble actually managed to scrambled out at the last position of the chart (bad pun I know). A lot of people like Hikari…I’m not that keen on it and Sakura shows that…even if it’s the first song in her first ever album…IT’S STILL EVERGREEN! I admit I like the violin solo in the beginning too. It’s so soothing. A little bit surprised that HAPPY SNOW went to number 6. Heck, it’s not even available in a CD. Alright..it is sort of available but only if you either buy the Hoc-chan’s 2007 Christmas Concert DVD or you’re in Japan then you can buy it via iTunes. But heh..that song made me celebrated Christmas in June lol. It’s really nice.

Her classic hits such as Happy Happy Rice Shower and Love Destiny made into her chart with ease. I mean come on. Can you imagine a Hoc-chan concert without that two songs?! Freakishly, I actually automatically shout like an otagei everytime I watch her perform those songs in her concert >.<

Koisuru Tenkizu also went in. This song is the song I spammed whenever I try to wake up for a 8 am class in campus. It’s like instilling a “fine weather” feeling into myself lol. I’m pleasantly surprised Zutto shot up to number 3. I mean it’s not a song for any anime and it’s not even in a single. It’s just the…12th song in the album “Darling”. But seriously, I love it the first time I heard it. That beginning few notes from the piano followed by the strings and the catchy lyrics. God. I love Zutto. I really do. I spammed so many freaking votes for Zutto when I vote for the poll…oops. Hehehe. Love Destiny…dakara ai ai ai ai noni dakedo ai ai ai (*me slap myself to shut up*). What can I say..it’s Love Destiny. That violin solo still haunts my head.

But seriously, Hoc-chan’s albums usually start off with a less noticeable song (excluding her first album…that album has Sakura as the first song). So, if you buy Hoc-chan’s album…don’t ditch it because you think the first song sucks. The best has yet to come! And what makes a better prove than the song that is clearly the no.1 song in all Hoc-chan’s fans’ heart. EGAO NO RENSAAAAAAA!

Seriously, did you watch the PV before? It’s…really…seriously…it’s really the chain of smile. That song had a really weird effect on me. It makes me so freaking happy! I grin like an idiot everytime I watch that PV and I made the mistake of watching it once during my lunch break in my office and my officemates caught me. They were giving me this weird look because apparently I grinned as if I stroke a 6 million dollar jackpot or something. This song cheers me up everytime I listen to it and I look forward to that song everytime I watch her concert. Clearly, I spammed voted for Egao no rensa too. Lol.

Ahh..Hoc-chan…your songs made me so happy and in love…okay that sounded wrong XD. Anyway moving on, the fella who made my Vanilla Salt single still stuck in Japan finally released her single’s cover picture together with a PV (not included in the single BOOOOO) and a title for it. Yes, I’m talking about Chihara Minori and her mysterious single. (Seriously, it wouldn’t hurt if you announced it earlier. I don’t care if it’s an OP for some anime). Well, here’s the cover picture for the single Paradise Lost.

And why is everyone doing this bob cut hair style?! First Hoc-chan now Minorin?! I’m glad they both didn’t really chomped off their hair in real life. I can’t ..really imagine…Minorin or Hoc-chan in short hair. Hmm…nope…brain overheating…nope…my brain crashes everytime I try to visualise them with the short hair. Clearly Paradise Lost single’s cover picture is not my favorite picture of Minorin.

Anyway, I wish her single will be released soon. I want my Vanilla Salt. I want my Hoc-chan PV. I want my Minorin too. I’m lonely and I’m bored and my mom is too busy watching chinese serial drama to look at me making stupid faces behind her. Sigh. Life.



  1. It’s not bob, Minorin tied the hair (she got similar hairstyle in the PV too).

    Aside from the Hocchan tldr, where’s “Feel My Feeling” in the list?? LOL, for sentimental reason (now I sound like j1m0ne) I love that song.

    And Vanilla Salt is already released, I just got it this morning. 😛 Love the PV.

  2. Hocchan’s “I My Me” made your brain explode? It doesn’t sound like it would be as bad as POLYSICS’ “I My Me Mine” where they just repeat those 4 words REALLY FAST.

  3. @danie: Of course I know Minorin just tied her hair up. I’m just saying that it looked like bob cut if you just look at the picture in a glance.
    Feel My Feeling is not in the list because it was not released as Hoc-chan’s official single. Neither was it inside her albums. Character songs were not included inside the poll.
    And I know Vanilla Salt has been released. You don’t have to rub the salt on my wound. I’m stupid enough to pack it together with Lost Paradise because I’m freaking poor. Now I have to suffer and wait till November before my beloved Hoc-chan cds arrives together with Minorin’s. Now if you would excuse me I, I will just go and hide back in the 6 feet hole I dug for myself.

    @Yoruko: Nah…not really explode…It’s just it kinda..sucked my brain cells out a little bit and I totally forgot what the hell I was doing at that time. Not that I think of it..I My Me sounds like a perfect song to be included in the game “Lumines”.
    Imagine trying to stack up blocks while listening to that song. Fun!

  4. I got mine on the 22nd,the official day of release for Vanilla Salt, which I found was quite quick for CdJapan since I usually get stuff like 4 days after release from them.

    Feel my Feeling was a great song but too bad its not an officially recognized Hoc-chan song since its a character song.

    Zutto made it into the list maybe because it was the title track for the album ‘Darling’ It was meant to be released as a single & a PV was shot also for Zutto.

  5. @Theundyingmage: I really wouldn’t mind if Zutto actually came out as a single. And talk about the PV. I only find like 15 seconds clip of the PV. Even that I found it in one of the Japanese Anime channel streaming promotions where they were interviewing Hoc-chan. Any chances we get to see the full length PV like Egao no rensa anytime soon? =D

  6. Vanilla Salt’s PV is bit disappointing for me…its in the usually Hoc-chan style but its lacking something that made all her other PVs great.

    Still rate Egao no Rensa as her best PV so far.

    Baniira Saruto de,Baniira Saruto de,Baniira Saruto de…such a catchy opening to the song XD

  7. I, I’m sorry? ^^;
    Nov 5 is not that long.. in the meantime try to watch Ga-Rei, it’s great. 😛

  8. I’m…too lazy to download anime at this time. In fact I’m too lazy to do anything. I have tonnes of work to complete…but did NONE of them yay.
    Btw, if you’re sorry, you should donate a PS3 for me XD
    *runs away*

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