Of Voyager Train Preview PV and some other random stuff

October 17, 2008

Oh my god, I’m alive! I actually updated this blog! Lol. Yeah, october made me so freaking lazy. I ended up playing Smash Brawls and some other random games in Wii rather than updating this blog. My bad. Anyway, while waiting for Hoc-chan’s new single to come out on October 22nd, here’s something from Minorin’s official site (but someone saved the video and put it on youtube and I stole the video from him/her). Ahem, as I was saying, Lantis released the preview PV for the song Voyager Train (the main song for her upcoming album Parade). So enjoy the PV below. I’m heading back to hibernation. By the way, did you all know that…Minorin CHANGED HER HAIRSTYLE?! Alright enough random outburst from me. Enjoy the PV.



  1. Just want to say “Hi” and note: so nice that my video is already in somebody’s blog ^^ enjoy

  2. @Seedmanc: Awesome sources there. I hope you enjoy your stay here too XD

  3. Cool Vid…And here’s some Hoc-chan news for ya Townberry.

    Top 10 Hoc-chan songs as voted by fans on her official site.

    第1位 笑顔の連鎖 (Egao no rensa)
    第2位 Love Destiny
    第3位 ずっと (Zutto)
    第4位 桜 (Sakura)
    第5位 ヒカリ (Hikari)
    第6位 HAPPY SNOW
    第7位 Happy happy * rice shower
    第8位 恋する天気図 (Koisuru Tenkizou)
    第9位 キラリ☆宝物 (Kirari Takaramono)
    第10位 スクランブル (Scramble)

  4. @Theundyingmage: LOL. So egao no rensa DID get number 1 eh? I kinda spam vote for Egao no rensa and Zutto. First I voted for Zutto….cause it’s from her latest album and I would like to see her perform MORE of it.
    Then suddenly I was thinking…what was the song that made me smile NO MATTER how sad I was feeling..then…I spam voted Egao no rensa XD.
    Seriously…egao no rensa’s pv is just….Oh god…I wish I have Hoc-chan as my wife XD.
    And I hate watching that PV (egao no rensa’s) in front of anyone…because…I grinned like an idiot. The weird effects of watching Hoc-chan singing in front of a camera had with me is scary…. XD

  5. LOL I spammed for Egao no Rensa right from the start & nothing else XD.

    I just got Vanilla Salt just now…time for me to watch the PV…

  6. oh another train song.
    *listens to non-stopping train by yukarin*

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