Of….Vanilla Salt <3…what about toradora?

October 2, 2008

Looping mode

Vanilla salt desu <3. I admit, I haven’t been watching toradora. Still caught up in the raya mood and my home internet is very sucky that the torrent episode 1 raw of toradora is nicely moving at 0.7kb/s. Yay. But hey, youtube saves the day. After all, I just wanted Vanilla Salt…so hehehe someone is smart enough to upload just the ending of toradora for Vanilla Salt. I won’t give comment on the song because clearly, my comment is going to be biased and I’m just gonna say “Who cares?! HOC-CHAN FTW!!!” so yeah, I will keep my comment to myself XD. And as I was drooling watching thru the ending sequence, I noticed something in the credits…but I suck at kanji and I can’t read chinese characters…so I don’t know what the hell it meant…so if anyone can tell me what the highlighted words meant in the picture below, that would be awesome. But before anyone can tell me what those words mean, I’m just going to continue asking myself…”Wtf is Tanaka Rie’s name doing there?!”

So do humor me and help me solve this annoying little question. Now I’m going to head back to bed although it’s already 11.11am. Raya time = sleeping time. It’s already 2nd of October 2008…2 more days to my bday hehehe….I’m a sad person announcing my birthday like this, I know. All I want for my birthday is for Hoc-chan/Nana-chan/Minorin to wish me happy birthday. Aaahhhh such a simple yet hard to get wish. I’m depressed. Back to bed…till then, go loop more of Vanilla Salt <3.



  1. It could just be someone with the same name…..

  2. Ohwow. I dont understand those fcking kanji.

  3. The highlighted words read “Onkyou Seisaku Tantou” and can be roughly translated as “in charge of sound/acoustic production” (I can’t think of a better way to put it).

    I’ve searched briefly on Google and it appears that it’s a different person to the seiyuu, Tanaka Rie. My Japanese isn’t good enough to be 100% sure though, sorry.

    -Ken Tsang-

  4. @kurobara: Hey! Long time no see! ^.^
    Thanks for the info. At least I won’t have a question bugging me anymore XD

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