Of Chihara Minori’s New Album Parade pre-order and…her out of Japan’s concert tour T_T

September 29, 2008

I’m feeling happy right now and at the same time I’m feeling gloomy too. Let’s start with why I’m happy eh? Alright, I’m happy because my blog hit went more than 10k! Yay! Though I’m pretty sure 5k of the hits come from my own constant refreshing of this blog but yay! Another reason why I am happy is because Minorin’s new album is finally available for pre-order yay! What’s more! There’s a nice promotional picture for the album available at Minorin’s official site too! Double yay! But that’s not all, there’s limited editions of the album that actually include a photo booklet of Minorin! TRI TRI TRI TRIPLE KILL YAY! So here’s promotional picture for Minorin’s upcoming album, Parade (set to be released on the 26th of November 2008)

If only they zoomed in more on Minorin’s face instead of the background ๐Ÿ˜›

Well, nothing much is known about the album apart from the fact that the main song for the album is “Voyager Train” (which kinda makes me wonder…why the hell they name the album Parade instead of Voyager Train???). There’s no official tracklist yet but I’m expecting songs like Ameagari yo hana no sake and Melty Tale Storage to be included inside too. The album is finally up for pre-order in sites like CDJapan and yay…there’s finally a damn limited edition included! Woot. By paying extra 800 yen compared to the regular edition, you get a photo booklet of Minorin…a photo booklet…a..PHOTO BOOKLET…OF MINORIN (*drools endlessly*). I already pre-ordered a copy for myself and for those of you wanting to pre-order the album, you can get it here.

So now, all seems well and why am I feeling gloomy? Because…Minorin …is …indeed having concerts outside Japan. Hell, they even announced it on her official website under the album Parade’s main page. The date for the concerts are not confirmed, but she’s going to CHINA and heading to BEIJING and SHANGHAI. I am seriously considering persuading my sister to go China and visit her friend in Shanghai at a specific date so that I can casually tag along and head over to Minorin’s concert. But for now, I’m going to stay gloomy as I look at all the concerts’ dates announced in her official sites. Ahhh so many opportunities to watch Minorin singing live…yet I haz no money to travel…I really..really hate my life now.

Ah look at the time, 12.30am already. I should just head to bed and sleep. September is ending and October is coming…and I want Minorin for my birthday!!! *Ahem*. That’s all now. Good night people.



  1. Argh. Damn. I missed it.
    Pre-order is up now? I have no moolah…
    berry pay first for me? *makes cutesy faces*

  2. Eh make up your mind already. Kejap nak gi concert, kejap tak nak beli cd…kejap nak…cis…
    Well, if you really wanna pre-order I can add your order to mine. And I can pay first for you…then again..dah nak raya dowh..surely you have some moolah by then XD. If you really want then tell me …the album ain’t gonna come out till end of November anyway so plenty of time for you to save up some moolahs….

  3. Hmmm…Going to China is she…I wonder if I can plan a trip to Hong Kong around that time….:lol:

  4. @Theundyingmage: Yay let’s plan a trip and head over to China together…then I can blackmail you to buy me food XD

  5. when’s her concert will be on again?
    Might not have any money to go tho but to buy the album, ok.
    coz… if the *wink wink* plan jadi.. i want her to autograph it for me. hehehehe
    make her all terharu that we bought her ori album. www

  6. Hahahaha…karecat you ebil. But supposedly Shanghai and Beijing. Jom kita gi China XD.
    And if *wink wink* jadi…you can always buy the album later hehehe…but the pre-order now is for the limited edition je…got the photo booklet…itu je…

  7. @townberry: you can blackmail me for food but then I’ll just take your passport & leave you in rural China XD I wonder when Hoc-chan will have her next concert….

  8. @Theundyingmage: Hopefully by end of this year or beginning of next year. Of course, it would be awesome if she has one end of next year. By then I will be free to fly and go drool at her live XD

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