Of Horie Yui’s new single title and cover picture…Vanilla Salt?!

September 25, 2008

Vanilla Salt?!

(Picture from Horie Yui’s official website)

Hmm…it seems that I’m not only just an idiot…I’m blind too. I browsed through so many websites to find the cover picture of Hoc-chan’s upcoming new single…but I somehow never bother to check her official website properly. And even in the website…I didn’t notice there’s an update under the discography section…until today. Yay I fail.

Ahem, anyway, I finally realized that the cover picture for the single is long uploaded in the official website …with the single’s title announced too. Ahh…I fail desu.

Anyway, as seen on the picture above, Hoc-chan’s upcoming new single (which is also the Toradora Anime ED theme) is entitled Vanilla Salt. …Right. It’s a non existant object in this world…they just decided to chain up the word Vanilla and Salt…yeah I know…weird title.

Anyway, the single, which is set to be released on the 22nd of October 2008 contains two songs. The first song is Vanilla Salt (obviously) and I my me (hehe I like this title already) as the second song.

As for the cover picture itself…it’s very different compared to previous Hoc-chan’s singles style.ย  Don’t you think Hoc-chan looks more like some futuristic game or techno music CD promotional poster girl compared to her usual “obaa-chan style”? XD.

Well, whatever it is, I will be looking forward to the single’s release. The limited edition of the single does indeed include the PV for the song Vanilla Salt. Perhaps more scenes of Hoc-chan with a white earphone? Hmm…Oh well. I can’t wait to hear Hoc-chan’s voice again =D.

Well before I go, here’s a friendly reminder:

September is ending, October is coming.

4th of October is getting nearer, so is the birthday of townberry dear. XD

Right. I shall run now before someone throws me rotten eggs for that pathetic reminder.



  1. she looks cute with the headphone ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. You really need to be checking her site more often townberry dear ๐Ÿ˜†

    And my Hoc-chan looks cute as always.

  3. @Theundyingmage: Argh..come on you know how it was…usually I wait for you to go online and inform me what’s happening in Hocchan’s site then I will go and surf around ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Its time you became an independent Hoc-chan fan XD
    You need to be more deligent in your updates of Hoc-chan news XD

  5. @Theundyingmage: Independent Hoc-chan fan? I thought all fans must stick together T_T. Then again I guess I’m the only maniac for her in my country so I’m semi independent hehehe. Yeah, I do admit I’m very lazy to surf for news, partly because I am lazy to read all those moonrunes and secondly, buying those seiyu magazines kill my wallet. Remember…I’m still unemployed T_T

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