Of Hirano Aya’s Namida Namida Namida…and townberry’s upcoming sad birthday

September 23, 2008

I’m so bored…I’m blogging about Hirano Aya

It’s 9am and I’m bloody slapping myself every 2 minute trying to stay awake in the office. Gosh. I hate working. Ahem. Anyway, September is ENDING and October is COMING. I’m depressed by the fact there’s still no cover picture for Hoc-chan’s upcoming single or Minorin’s upcoming single. Instead…random surfing made stumbled upon Hirano Aya’s upcoming single’s cover picture. Ha ha ha. Oh well.

Anyway, the single entitled “Namida Namida Namida” (No seriously, I’m not pulling your leg here. There’s 3 namida…or rather…涙 Namida ナミダ)..Well, the single is set to be released on 8th October 2008 and it’s the outro song for the upcoming Fall Season anime “Hyakko”. For more information on the single you can head over to Hashihime’s blog post. If you want to order the single then you can click here. While you’re at it…might as well pack up a Hirano Aya 2009 calendar eh? Priced at 2800 yen and set to be released on 11th October 2008, I don’t see why you should pre-order twice. Just pack everything into one box for cheaper shipping. Hehehe. Well, you can click here for the calendar. Personally, I’m suprised why the single Namida^3 doesn’t have any limited edition box set or some special packing…since it’s set to be released on 8th of October 2008. And in case you happen to be Hirano Aya’s fan and you’re wondering why the date October 8 sounds familiar then you phail….it’s her birthday.

I’m kinda expecting the single sales to soar up with with Hirano Aya’s hardcore fan going “Happy Birthday Aya-chan!!!” while waving the single around. Yay for that girl officially turning 21 this year. Now that she’s legally…legal…(uh I’m not making any sense here)…I wonder what she’s planning ahead. Oh well. Good luck to her.

And for you loyal readers of my blog (which mostly consist of myself refreshing to get hits hahaha), you should realise I don’t blog about Hirano Aya..then why do I remember her birthday? Because unfortunately, her birthday is the closest to mine among so many popular seiyuu. She’s exactly 361 days older than me. Oh dear did I just reveal my age? Lol. Oh well, September is ending and October is coming. And all I want on my birthday on 4th of October is for Hoc-chan or Minorin or Nana-chan to come and wish me happy birthday. Simple wishes that ain’t going to be realized anytime soon. Sigh.

But for all my friends out there…Here’s the wish list for my upcoming 20th birthday. Get me anything from the list and I will be happy XD

  1. Playstation 3 US or Japan version ( Yeah, haven’t buy it yet)
  2. A return air ticket to Japan + Nana Mizuki/Hoc-chan/Minorin’s concert ticket
  3. Hoc-chan/Minorin/Nana-chan inside a box, wrapped with ribbon. (Get this and I will bloody give you my mailing address)
  4. A Fender guitar
  5. An electronic piano or grand baby piano
  6. Yamaha electronic drumset
  7. 50,000 ringgit malaysia or USD or euro or english pound. (Or whatever currency which is bigger than the sad ringgit malaysia).
  8. An original blu-ray set of Mizuki Nana’s Live Fighter 2008 Concert.
  9. Guitar Hero 4 complete kit set for Nintendo Wii or Xbox360.
  10. Someone who will do my final year project for me for free.
  11. Special request to j1m0ne: Send me a Chivas Regal or any expensive wine 😛

There. I’m not so greedy after all. There’s only 10 items in my wish list (clearly no 11 is only for j1m0ne to accomplish lol). And if anyone can get either one of it for me I will be eternally grateful. Hahaha. Yeah, I’m that bored. And if you actually read the post up to this point, it means that you are feeling even worse than I do hehehe. Oh well then. Enough of this nonsensical blabbering. I’m going to continue slapping myself to stay awake in the office. Till then…(*silently sings happy birthday to myself*)



  1. Uh.. i need to be a millionaire first for me to be able to give you one of your… birthday list..

  2. LOL my birthday is on October 5.. but you still win by a day (closer to Aya? mhmm..) And Trickster is a decent enough present from Nana for me 😛 ..or maybe Nana-chan in hadaka apron making my bday cake.. yum.

  3. Aya-chan was legal in my country 3 years ago lol
    She should of came to Australia to celebrate back then.

    And why would I give you tickets for a Hoc-chan concert anyway when I can go myself & keep her to my self. 😆

  4. @danie: Hehe you share the same bday as my cousin sister …one day later than me eh? Well trickster cd is not enough for my bday present…I want…Nana-chan to personally sing happy birthday for me XD. Of course it will be dream come true if Hoc-chan, Nana-chan and Minorin gather and sing happy birthday for me ….(*townberry nosebleed just imagining that happening*)
    @Theundyingmage: Hmm…18 year old to be fully legal eh? Hmm…ya know my country’s rules are even more confusing…when you’re 18, you can smoke, watch those rated R movies and you can drink legally too. HOWEVER, you need to be 21 to gamble, make decisions as an adult legally and stuff…so we get partial freedom when we are 18 and full freedom at 21 hehehe.

    “…And why would I give you tickets for a Hoc-chan concert anyway when I can go myself & keep her to my self.” <– You don’t have to give me yours…just buy an EXTRA ticket for me then we can go together XD

  5. you mustve been REALLY bored if u wrote about Aya,
    oh u shouldve wrote how she was one position higher than ba-chan a couple of seiyuu ranks ago haha

  6. @angelthesis: Shush you aya hirano hardcore fan XD. Somehow when I blog about her…YOU appeared in my blog XD…
    *me kicks angelthesis and whacks him with a trout*

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