September 20, 2008

Happy 32nd17th birthday Hoc-chan!

Oh my god I really fail as her fan. No wonder I had a feeling that I forgotten something important for the whole day but I went about doing my business until now. Yeah. I kinda like…somehow..remembered that it is Hoc-chan’s birthday today only 5 minutes ago. There goes my chance of writing a 5000 words essay and sending it to her via air mail declaring my eternal love lol. Been a hell week for me. My supervisor came to evaluate my work yesterday so I had to rush up and fix every single thing that I was supposed to fix or do before my supervisor arrive. Then today, I woke up….feeling somehow I forgotten something important (Hoc-chan’s birthday you idiot townberry)…but I shrugged the feeling off and went around paying my bills and doing some stuff. It was not until 10.30 that I suddenly remembered Hoc-chan’s birthday. So yeah, with only less than half an hour to go (it’s already 11.30pm in Japan), I don’t really know how I’m going to wish her. So here I am. In my own blog. Wishing Hoc-chan happy birthday at the very last minute. Sigh. Oh well.

お誕生日おめでとうございます, ほっちゃん! 今日からもうよろしくお願いしますね?Lol. That sounded so wrong in many many ways. Oh well, here’s to Hoc-chan. Wishing her all the best for her career and that she will stay forever 17 hehehe. I love you Hoc-chan! I really do! I even pre-order your latest single! Lol. (Though you will never know it sigh).

Now, I’m going to head back in sulking for forgetting Hoc-chan’s birthday. As j1m0ne says…”townberry, YOU FAIL!”



  1. townberry, YOU FAIL! XD I was wondering why you never wished her a happy birthday and was going to post today mocking you about it, lol.

  2. Ahh…go ahead…Feel free to mock me for I have sinned terribly. I forgot about Hoc-chan’s birthday and I call myself her fan. My soul has left me partially. Ahh…life…life
    (*townberry’s soulless body drifts around …wandering aimlessly*)
    j1m0ne, just…kill me already…I fail….ahhh…

  3. Ne! I cannot read all that in English, and I have problems to concentrate too much so— please read me! ^^ I want to make you know about this forum, Egao no Yasuragi, I created by myself time ago about Yui Horie. If you want to participate, please pass there— other way, if you wish to contact me, I am also a big Yui Horie’s fan! Please tell me to my mail! ;P I will return here— I hope you read my comment

  4. Townberry you fail as a Hoc-chan fan lol
    I remembered and sent a message to her even before it was her birthday (Time difference between Australia & Japan)Seems she got a pendant as a birthday present from Kanchi.

    Only just remembered about your blog lol

  5. @Theundyingmage: No, that’s not fair. You are a kuroneko club member so you get to send messages to hocchan (*townberry goes and sulk*). Damn it…I don’t understand why they limit the club membership to people with a mailing address in japon. 😦

    And I surprised you suddenly remembered about my blog…haven’t seen you online in a while…

  6. Been busy with work so I can’t get on MSN lately & Wannabe forum doesn’t have much to post on these days.

    The only reason I jump online these days is to check out Hoc-chan’s site & to buy figures.

    I know its unfair for Kuroneko to limit membership to Japan only, thats why my friend in Japan sends all Kuroneko mail to me in Australia. Couldn’t redirect them to Australia.

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