Of Chihara Minori’s Upcoming New Single, New Album, big plans for year 2009 and an emo townberry

September 16, 2008

Chihara Minori: A lady with big things planned for her in the year 2009

Oh hey peeps. After going MIA for nearly a month, I finally manage to drag my lazy bones and type in an entry for this blog. The reason for such a long absence? Partly because I am busy with my work and partly because I’m lazy but ultimately because I am emo.

Why am I emo? Because Lantis has big plans for Chihara Minori. Haha….doesn’t make sense eh? Why am I not rejoicing instead? Because I am confused and slightly pissed.

First of all, there’s a new single announced for Chihara Minori in cdjapan a few weeks back. But there wasn’t any news from Lantis itself so I thought it’s a fake news. Then even Amazon.co.jp started taking pre-orders for the single. Alright fine. So there IS a single coming out on the 5th of November 2008 for Minorin.

Then on September 13 2008, Minorin did a some sort of public airing of radio minorhythm where fans can actually attend and listen to whatever she says. On that day itself, she announced that there’s a NEW ALBUM coming out on the November 26 2008. The album is entitled “Parade”. In fact there’s already a theme/main song for the album entitled “Voyager Train” and there’s already a PV in the making for that song.

Wha…wait what? New album on the same month of a new single? Now, I highly doubt the release of the new single. Even if there is a new single…it means now I have to shop again for the new album and pay another time for it’s shipment. Gargh.

And oh wait, there’s more. Apparently there’s a BIG tour for Minorin in the year 2009. So big that she actually wrote “そしてそして! 2009年のツアー大大大決定~!in her blog.

So curiousity got the better of me and I decided to search around the net and I happen to stumble upon an entry of a fan who attended the minorhythm live airing. Apparently, her big tour plan in 2009 means that she will be touring in China and/or Taiwan. Ah ha ha ha ha. Until the news is confirmed to be false, I’m going to hide under my bed and cry my heart out. Yay, tour out of Japan and go to China or/and Taiwan. Suddenly this makes me feel my country even more pathetic. Start buying ORIGINAL STUFF ALREADY you fella lepakians! Stop leeching! Make your own country be seen as a potential market for Lantis or Starchild.

Sigh. Well for now, the album has yet to pop itself up in sites like CDJapan or Amazon.co.jp to be pre-ordered. But I am guessing, it’s going to come up sooner or later. November is not that far away from today’s date. Until there’s any news from Lantis regarding Minorin’s upcoming releases, I’m going to resume crying under my bed while trying to finish up my project before the deadline arrives or else my supervisor will be hunting me down. Sigh, I hate my life all of a sudden.



  1. well, i do believe alot of fans in tw and hk does buys real version as a way to show support, since we do want to collect it, btw, i don’t live in taiwan anymore, i’m in canada now(I do agree on the part feeling the country i’m in is even more pathetic, but oh well, at least US is alot better then CA already, at least there are concerts happening there, nothing comes here at all =w=) anyways, u r probably wondering wth i’m, i just happen to found ur blog while going through websites, and i’m pretty happy to find someone that’s also a mizuki nana fan, anyways, nice to meet you.

  2. @noirleciel:
    Lol, when I’m saying the fans that never buys original stuff I’m referring to my fellow countrymen in Bolehland. Admit it, maybe only 1 out of 10 among us buy original stuff from Japan. Betul tak? Betul tak? Blame it on our super pathetic currency exchange rates against Japanese yen. Sigh.
    And no, I don’t wonder wth you are. It’s an open blog so it’s always nice to see people dropping by and leave some comments. Nice to meet you too ^.^

  3. I don’t think the exchange rate is that bad…don’t know if it’s ok i ask, where do u live? i think the bigger problems(for me anyways) is the shipping fee, and the tax, just adding these on to the price i’ll probably ended up spending 1.5 times to 2 times more T.T, sigh…i do wish i can live in japan though…gosh..i wanna be at that nana event coming up on october 11th so much…it’s so sad i couldn’t be there to watch her standing on the Shinjuku Koma Stadium, the place she always dream to stand on, speaking of which, ever want to go there to watch her live concert?

  4. Exchange rate not bad? Hah. It is bad when you’re comparing Malaysian Ringgit to Japanese Yen. Indeed it is bad. Of course the problem gets worse when you add in the shipping price and all.
    And who doesn’t wanna go to Nana-chan’s concert? I’ve been dreaming to go to Hoc-chan’s, Nana-chan’s and Minorin’s concert. Enough said.

  5. Wait, wait, whut? When I heard the release of the album is coming out around at the same month as the ‘single’ I saw on cdjapan weeks ago – I then thought that, that album = ‘single’…but, there’s actually BOTH?! @_@ And this tour thing…and whoa…@__@

  6. Saw Nana’s new 2 new pv~? Trickster and Discotheque are both out ~

  7. @Donkey: Not a word about the tour now. I’m depressed.

    @noirleciel: Yeah, I heard about it but I’m too lazy to actually go watch it in youtube. I’m usually online during my working hours and my office blocks video streaming and I totally don’t bother to stream using my “awesome” internet line back home that provides me with an “awesome” speed.
    As I said again and again, King Records should have just include those PVs into Nana-chan’s single. I don’t mind paying more for it. Alas, they disappointed me 😦

  8. Trust CDJapan. 😛

    I’m not that surprised she will release them in the same month. Okui Masami is releasing her new album and single in the same DAY. Good thing it’s on Nov 5 too like Minorin’s single. Even worse for Momoi, 2 albums in the same DAY on Dec.. See, it’s like a habit already, they like to starve us altogether.. in the same time we save up some shipping cost tho.

    Totally agree for Nana-never-have-limited-single-with-PV thing. But you still got your Hocchan. 😛

  9. Suddenly I feel tired trying to buy all those CDs. Maybe I should give up supporting Minorin, Nana-chan and Hoc-chan. Yay.
    Lol. Yeah I would. When I die that is 😛
    And yes I need desperately a dosage of new Hoc-chan PV. I need her to smile at the camera and make my heart flutter yay. Now I sound like a pervert. I don’t make sense anymore. Hmm….

  10. if that’s the case, u should check out discotheque’s pv then XD~~~it’s just totally, awesomely, greatly, MOE ~~~!! we have all been so crazy over it for the last 3 days, it has pushed the love to another new limit XDD anyways, i’m still so crazy over that pv right now, i think i’m half, no, completely broken and gone insane already XDD~

  11. @noirleciel: Yes..the fact that you’re actually reading my blog kinda proved to me that you’re completely broken and insane already 😛

  12. XDD~
    that’s what u get for getting deeper and deeper into something, i didn’t start out this crazy, but hey, within the 1.5 year time(i started being interested in nana chan around may 2007), after going to live formula and live fighters, the feeling just got deeper and deeper and i can’t stop it anymore XDD

  13. Ah I see…the feeling got deeper and deeper..after you going to..wait…wha..what?
    I hate you now. T_T
    Why does it seems like everyone went to Nana-chan’s concerts but me? Ahhhhhh life sucks….
    *townberry goes commit suicide by jumping down the window*

  14. um…well, it isn’t easy for me to go at all @@
    the plane ticket is just expensive as hell, i have to live on a very tight budget in order to go (but hell it’s all worth it, just to see her XD)i actually went there and meet up with bunch of people i met online, with their help, that’s how i got to go. it’s not that hard if u realli want to go…maybe we can arrange something out when she announce her next concert date ?

  15. @noirleciel: Oh sure, we can arrange something. Preferably if you also donated partially for my air ticket XD. But I really want to go to her next concert. We’ll see…if I can rob a bank or two successfully then yes..we’ll see. Hehehehe

  16. good luck on that, and btw, u live Malaysia? funny thing is…one of our group member that went to live fighter is someone from Malaysia, and if i remember correct, he is a student, so in order for him to go, he worked his ass off to save up, which is basically the same for me, i worked 2 jobs to keep myself alive and to save up for the concert, don’t see how that’s not possible for u

  17. It’s not surprising. Just because I can’t go doesn’t mean other Nana-chan’s crazy Malaysian fans cannot. It’s not possible for me to work because I AM currently working…but for internship and therefore I work from 8am to 6pm and voila I don’t get even a cent because I work for a public university.
    There’s alot of things that are not possible for me right now because of my studies as a final year student. My class starts at 8am and ends basically at 6pm and my holiday is only 3 weeks break…I don’t think anyone would wanna employ someone for 3 weeks. But hopefully I can attend one of her next year’s concert. By then, I should have graduated (given that I don’t fail any of my classes). Then you can count me in as part of the shouting crazy fans XD

  18. good luck to you~

  19. …. dnt buy those cd’s. save it for the concerts and yeah, lets rob a bank together berry. we go to nana-chan concert tgther next time after we manage to run away from the cops. XD

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