Of Tamura Yukari’s Bambino Bambina Single Cover Picture and Aya Hirano’s new single

August 18, 2008

Seriously, waiting for something new to come out from Hoc-chan is DRIVING ME INSANE! When is she going to release a new single?! Argh. Ahem. Moving on. Since Hoc-chan is driving me insane and I personally believe I am already on the brink of getting COMPLETELY insane…so I might as well do something insane. Blog about Tamura Yukari again. Mwhuahahahaha. Anyway, ahem. The cover picture for the Tamura Yukari’s latest single “Bambino Bambina” is up. So as you can see above, it’s the Limited Edition cover picture.

And if for some reason, you don’t want to buy the Limited Edition which actually gives you a DVD of the main song’s PV, you can go for the Regular Edition and the cover picture for the Regular Edition looks like this:

So to buy the regular edition or the limited edition or to buy both altogether or not buy at all? That’s for you to decide. But if you want the limited edition, you can order it via here. If you want the regular edition, you can go here instead.

In another insane news, Hirano Aya’s new single is up for pre-order (OMG, I’m bloggin about Hirano Aya). You can get it via here. It’s the ED for the upcoming fall anime titled “Hyakko”. Interestingly, the single is going to be released on Hirano Aya’s birthday (8th October) so..more reason for her fans to buy? As for me, I’m just gonna continue listening to Ameagari Hana Yo Sake from Minorin, while waiting patiently for Toradora’s EP single to come out from Hoc-chan. Till then, let me continue being insane. MWHUAHAHAHAHA



  1. eh? hirano shares the same birthday of another singer named eiji wentz from WaT.

  2. i shall refrain myself from commenting about yukarin
    i shall refrain myself from commenting about yukarin
    i shall refrain myself from commenting about yukarin

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