Of Chihaha Minori’s Single Ameagari Hana Yo Sake Review + DDL

August 10, 2008

Want the DDL? READ ON! XD

I’m so sorry for the late post…but I ended up watching the Beijing 2008 Olympics opening ceremony, went to karaoke to celebrate my friends birthday on Saturday…and only updating my blog on Sunday. Lol. I know, my bad. Ahem. Anyway, I have been listening to this Minorin’s single for the past days and in fact, I’m listening to it right now. Honestly, I’m a little addicted to Minorin’s song Minorin now. Lol.

The very first thing I discovered when I open the cd packaging is that…what the…the CD casing is yellow in color?! Yeah, it’s bright yellow, lemon yellow or as Digi yellow if you’re Malaysian. The second thing is that there’s not much on the booklet that comes with the cd. In fact, there’s only like lyrics inside. Seriously…I was muttering cheapo at this point already lol. But at least, since I got the first press edition, I got a nice sleeve package to contain that yellow color casing up.

On to the CD itself. Well, there’s only 2 songs inside (excluding the off-vocal version). The first song is “Ameagari no Hana Yo Sake”. The second song is “Say You?”.

Ameagari no Hana Yo Sake is a fast paced song but it’s very refreshing and very light in beat compared to that Melty Tale Storage *coughfailcoughsong*. The second song “Say You?” is a smoothing sing-a-long type of song. Both songs also emphasized on the usage of string instruments as the background instruments. Hm, I wonder if it’s because of the Element Gardens fella Daisuke Kikuda that composed the songs…

All in all, it’s a recommendable single for all Minorin fans. Get it or else you fail as her fan mwhuahahahaha. In fact, you still can get the FIRST PRESS EDITION via cdjapan here. I think cdjapan stocked up because when I checked a few days ago, it stated that it ran out of stock for first press edition. Well, personally I’m happy that Minorin’s single is selling off well. =D

The sales may not compare to that of Aya Hirano’s Riot Girl (urgh) but at least she’s doing a decent job and her songs are definitely DEFINITELY more soothing *me whistle*. Ah, after listening to this single, my love for Minorin has increased significantly. XD.

Then again, since I am feeling so happy, I feel that sharing is caring *wink wink*. Now, of course everyone must buy a copy of the single to show your support to Minorin. Really, you should. But then again, maybe some needed some beta listening before deciding to buy or not *wink wink*. So, I am a kind person and I decided to *coughripmyowncdcough* for all my readers and friends =D. So ahem, if you want the DDL for the single + scans in 320kbps mp3 version please click here.

Please, please, buy the original if you like the songs and support Minorin. All right? With that, enjoy the DDL and till next time, ciao.


One comment

  1. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed listening to this song a lot. Aya Hirano’s music is great too, but it’s not as relaxing to listen too. ^_^

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