Of Minorin’s New Single Ameagari no Hana Yo Sake…it’s here!!! o/

August 8, 2008

Oh yeah! It’s finally with me! I waited one whole day for it😄. Ahh..I’m so happy now. Though, I can’t say much about the single for now. I gotta pack my stuff and go back to my hometown within 30 minutes time and I have some work to finish off in the office. But I gotta say, the single is …”Yellow”…lol. And since I’m feeling happy, I shall spread the love and ahem *coughripcoughthecoughcdcoughout*. Stay tune for the my next post if you want Minorin’s songs😄. In the meantime, you can head over to Minorin’s blog and check out how she thanked her fans😄. Epic pose she got there. Minorin is❤. Till then. Ciao.

One comment

  1. mine’s still stuck at kl…o.O

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