Of Minorin’s New Single Ameagari no Hana Yo Sake…it’s here!!! o/

August 8, 2008

Oh yeah! It’s finally with me! I waited one whole day for it XD. Ahh..I’m so happy now. Though, I can’t say much about the single for now. I gotta pack my stuff and go back to my hometown within 30 minutes time and I have some work to finish off in the office. But I gotta say, the single is …”Yellow”…lol. And since I’m feeling happy, I shall spread the love and ahem *coughripcoughthecoughcdcoughout*. Stay tune for the my next post if you want Minorin’s songs XD. In the meantime, you can head over to Minorin’s blog and check out how she thanked her fans XD. Epic pose she got there. Minorin is <3. Till then. Ciao.


One comment

  1. mine’s still stuck at kl…o.O

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