Of a great loss, bad sectors killing the day and all other random stuffs

August 6, 2008

Before I begin anything, I would like to express my condolence and grief over the passing of Kawai Eri. She’s a great composer and lyricist composing music for animes such as Air, Aria, Bamboo Blade and Strange Dawn just to name a few. She passed away roughly at 11.40pm on the 4th of August 2008. Honestly, I didn’t know the news until I found out from my friend Cholic’s status message this morning. I double checked with several blogs and found out that it is indeed a real news. I really don’t know what to say on this sudden shocking news. However, to the very least, I wish to thank her for composing such great music pieces. You shall be dearly missed, Kawai Eri. May she rest in peace.

Moving on, I apologized for pulling a MIA. This is because Windows decided to die on me last Sunday and I couldn’t even go into safe mode. Even when I try to reformat, the Windows shuts itself down at random times, leaving me without an OS and a screwed up condition. I installed Ubuntu and managed to save all my data on the next day. However, when I try reinstalling Windows on a cleaned up partition, it shut down again. I was desperate to get my laptop working because I have a meeting in my office today and I need it to work because I have to fix some details on the system I have been working on. In desperate measures, I decided to take out the RAM to check whether it’s the RAM’s problem or not. So yesterday night, my sister (yes my sister not me) were busy disassembling my laptop. We literally tore up the whole laptop to the point we even took off the keyboards. Then we took out the RAM…and same problem persisted. Then we decided to check on the hard disk and found out there’s some bad sectors on it. When we tried to use Windows to repair the disk, Windows did what it does best. It shuts down again. Damn you Windows.
So in the end, we installed Linux Ubuntu on my laptop again. Seems like Linux is less sensitive towards all these bad sectors thing. Oh well, at least my laptop is up and running again. It will take some time before I recover the full functionally of the laptop like how used to have but I’m glad that at least it’s still up and running. Currently, I am still stuck with using my office’s pc and I can’t do much with it because it’s running at such an amazing speed it cannot even play a 720p file without lagging itself.
Anyway, I’m just randomly whining off my problems here. I will start posting other more interesting stuff hopefully by this Saturday after I fix my laptop fully. Till then, take care.



  1. Lol, computer problems! I wouldn’t know how to fix one to save my life, I’d just sling it against the wall and hope it somehow sorts itself out…

    And on a problem-whining note, I banged my Avanza into the back of a Landcruiser(?) this morning and now I have a nice dent on my car hood. Fantastic. Damn you drivers who suddenly brake in the middle of a traffic light intersection when the lights are turning yellow -_-

  2. j1m0ne: Lol if I sling it against the wall….can I claim damage money from you? Claiming “j1m0ne told me to do so”. But yesterday my laptop looked something like this http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/ins700m/en/SM/display8.jpg
    Except that we didn’t take off the screen yet lol.

    And lol at the accident. Wait…since you’re the one “banging” the car…does that mean you gotta pay? Even though he/she braked suddenly?
    *me pass j1m0ne some imaginary money*
    I understand the feeling though…most Malaysian drivers are epicly “good”…They literally do whatever they want on the road. Especially the drivers here in Penang…I saw someone stopped at the middle of a roundabout…to pick up a phone call. Talk about epic.

  3. I was very shock upon hearing Kawai Eri death. I really like her songs in ARIA especially. Really sad to hear about her death, and my she rest in peace.

    Sorry to hear about your laptop, and glad to hear its fine now. Now post more seiyuu stuffs ! Oh wait, you’re doing that already. ๐Ÿ˜›

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