Of Mizuki Nana new single is up for pre-order!!! \o/

July 24, 2008

Alright! Hell yeah! I’m so excited I missed out my office lunch hour! XD. Nana-chan’s upcoming new single is up for pre-order. Now! Go grab your copy here! No title yet for the single and no cover picture yet…but who cares? It’s Nana-chan! XD. And oh, it’s going to be released on the October 1st 2008 so be quick. Nana-chan’s stuff sells like hot cakes XD. Now, I shall sneak out for lunch. Ciao!

Order a copy via CDJapan



  1. Beatiful girl…so sweet.

  2. u ordered d? boleh tumpang order? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. gen_tiger: if you really want it them email me at
    townberry at gmail dot com. Then we discuss the details.

  4. Hey~good to find another Nana fans out here, I’m a fan from Canada, it’s pretty rare to see english people actually takes interest in seiyu, so anyways, nice to meet you ~^^
    Live Formula and Live Fighters were just awesome, it feels completely different being there then watching it on dvd

  5. by the way, the cd cover for the new single is out ~

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