Of Bon Odori Penang 2008, a bunch of sickos, moar gold fish and I finally cleaned all the viruses in my laptop! Woot!

July 21, 2008


On a hot windy day last Saturday in Penang, I attended the Bon Odori held in the Esplanade Penang. I walked around and saw Hoc-chan walking around and I snapped a picture of her as shown above, grabbed her signature and home address … Yeah, all of that happened in my dreams. Lol. You think if I really saw Hoc-chan I would still be blogging here? Chances are …no. I would be spilling blood all over my nose and died in the bliss of happiness.

Lol. Anyway, I really attended the Bon Odori last Saturday in Penang. It’s an alright event to me. Nothing too extravagant but not too boring either. I snapped some pictures of lolies the event and scooped 5 gold fish, and got myself a water balloon ๐Ÿ˜€

I arrived at around 4pm with my mom and sis (yes I blackmailed them to go with me and buy me food XD). We hang around until roughly 8.15pm before heading back. As I said, it’s an okay event but it’s not THAT fun to tempt me to hang around until 12am for the fireworks. Nah.

However, one thing that disgusted me through the event is the way our Malaysians act when they see little Japanese girls in yukata. I mean sure, they are Japanese (which is enough to make those otakus wannabes go OMG Kyaa Kawaii or *insert random japanese words here*), yes they are lolies (which is enough to make those sickos drools) and yes they are in yukata. But then again, does that mean we have to oogle at them and traumatize them forever and let them permanently think that Malaysians are nothing but a bunch of perverts? Do we have to? Do we? No we don’t but sadly that’s what most of the Malaysians that attended the event did.

There were a few round tables (like the ones you can find in chinese restaurants) and chairs on the field. So I happened to hang around…sitting at one of the table whilst waiting for my mom and sis to buy some expensive food for me (Lol). So happen that the two tables beside me are occupied by Japanese families with cute little girls in yukata. Nothing much really, I personally snapped one picture of two little girls because I thought they were cute. (*Note: I properly asked for their consent before snapping*). Anyway, after saying my thanks I headed back to my place and waited for my food. That’s when I saw the people started gathering around the little girls.

Picture 1: Tables on the field and the Japanese girls hanging around…

OMG…you won’t believe it. They started snapping away…and away…and away….and the crowd got bigger. There were eye blinding flashes everywhere as those poor little Japanese kids sat idly. Some people from the crowds even got the guts to walk beside/behind the kids and posed with them for pictures! All that without even informing those little kids and ask whether are they comfortable with it! OMG…you sickos. And according to my sister (she told me after we went back home), the people kept on taking pictures of the girls to one point the little girls cried and walked away. Even then they STILL wanted to take pictures of the poor lolies. OMG, what kind of sickos are you? What? You never seen any Japanese before? You should be ASHAME OF YOURSELF you bastards. Poor lolies.

Picture 2: The slightly older version of Japanese girls in Yukata lol *see note below*

Then another Japanese girl..roughly around 14-16 year old walked to my table and sat on the chair in front of me. I was talking on the phone with my friend Nikki at that time so I ignored her. Then more and more of her Japanese friends came. So I did some small talk and manage to grab one picture from them. (Yay! Two piccies now). Then I let them do their own business as I waited for my mom and sis. Then…oh god..the crowd came again…and since we have like…4-5 teenage Japanese girls in yukata…basically they were surrounded as if they were some celebrities and all I could hear was *click click click* *snap snap snap* and flashes…flashes everywhere. But the funny thing was, I was sitting directly behind them (yeap, they were still at my table) and I was annoyed. So, probably all those pictures that they took of the Japanese girls have my annoyed face plastered behind. Lol. Happy photoshopping me away.

Then they went away, and soon after my mom and sis came back. The event started officially so I left the table and went near the stage to watch the shows until roughly 8.15pm before heading back. So yeah, I spent 0 dollar there because I brought my mom and sister with me, who spent RM40 there lol. All in all, it’s nice to see cultural events going on and it’s definitely worth it to see some awesome Taiko performances by real Japanese that flew all the way from ..well..Japan. If only those stupid perverts weren’t there. Sigh.

Picture 3: The taiko performances

Picture 4: The first Bon Odori dance

Anyway, it’s Monday now and the gold fish I scooped during Bon Odori are STILL ALIVE and happily swimming away in the plastic aquarium in my apartment. And I finally did something beneficial to my laptop too :D. I cleaned up the viruses inside my laptop XD.

Yes, my laptop was infected with ravmon viruses like…I don’t know a year ago? But I didn’t bother to clean them up until now hehehe. Now, my laptop definitely loads faster and it doesn’t hang randomly anymore. Woot! So I took this chance to blog about the event hehe. Now, I shall resume my office work (oh yeah, I’m in my office lol). So till next time, take care.

*Note: I decided not to post the picture of the little girls that I took because I think they are probably traumautized enough and they wish not to have any more of their pictures posted. Those sickos are not forgiveable but on behalf of the sane and normal Malaysians (including myself…I’m only insane when it comes to Hocchan, Nana-chan and Minorin), I deeply apologized that it ended that way ๐Ÿ˜ฆ *



  1. This is what we refer to as “wapanese”, also known as “wannabe Japanese”. If they can’t go to Japan, they’ll try their damndest to bring a piece of Japan home with them.

    Even if they make people cry along the way. *sigh* Japan is awesome and all, but it’s not the ultimate prize, for fuck’s sake. AAARGGHHH WHY MUST ALL THE LALAS AND THE AH LIANS AND THE AH BENGS RUIN THE DAY EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME?!

  2. Ah Lians and Ah Bengs…

    There’s a reason why I don’t mix with typical chinese XD

  3. For a moment I thought Hocchan really came to Bon Odori Penang…=3=

  4. ๏ผค๏ผš Poor girls. :S

  5. actually ..I’m there..

  6. oh..and my goldfish …was dead ..on the way to go home

  7. @merru: My goldfish turned into some piranha…every time I go near the tank they will swim up and start demanding food. Somehow, they didn’t die…and I wonder why…

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