Of Tamura Yukari Chelsea Girl DVD cover picture, track listing and new single…Bambino Bambina???

July 15, 2008

And so Townberry is officially mad again because she’s blogging about Yukarin again lol. Anyway, here’s the official DVD cover picture for her upcoming concert DVD Chelsea Girl. In case you don’t know, this is the first concert DVD released by King Records that has 5.1 Dolby Surround. Damn you King Records. Should have gave us the 5.1 earlier. How I wish, Nana-chan’s Live Formula was in 5.1. Same goes for Hoc-chan’s Christmas DVD.

And oh, I also found the track listing for Yukarin’s Chelsea Girl DVD. Now, you can check out what songs she performed. Here’s the list:

1. チェルシーガール
2. 惑星のランデブー
3. Fortune of Love
4. 片想いルーレット
5. デイジーブルー
6. Lovely Magic
7. 恋は波のように
8. 上弦の月
9. 未来パラソル
10. Petite lumiere
11. 星空のSpica
12. Beautiful Amulet
13. Sand Mark
14. Swing Heart
15. mon cheri
16. お気に召すまま
17. 童話迷宮
18. めろ~んのテーマ~ゆかり王国国歌~
19. candy smile
20. 恋せよ女の子
21. Happy Life
22. Little Wish~first step~
23. Baby’s Breath
24. 恋するラズベリー
25. fancy baby doll

On the other hand, there is also a new single announced for Yukarin. It’s entitled Bambino Bambina and it’s set to be released on the 27th of August 2008. So if you are a fan of Yukarin, go order a copy of it here. In case you’re wondering what Bambino Bambina stands for…head over to j1m0ne’s blog to read about the meaning of those words and the hillarious things behind them.

Right, now I should probably stop. Just wanna bring this piece of news to Yukarin fans out there. I blogged too much about Yukarin for my own good already lol. One might realize I don’t talk much whenever I blog about Yukarin…that’s because I don’t know what to say lol. Anyway, it’s time for me to head back to bed and get some sleep. Still can’t get over the fact that Nana-chan is the daughter in Princess Maker 4. Till then. Ciao



  1. yukarin!!!!!
    XD berry gila d. she likes to blog about yukarin now.
    /me pats berry
    I understand, i understand. You actually like her, dont you? DONT YOU!?

    thnx for the 411 btw. Now, buy me the DVD!

  2. karecat: No I don’t like her…I just bring some news about her because I am BORED WAITING FOR HOC-CHAN’S NEWS!!! ARGH!!!
    *me goes insane for a moment*
    Besides, she’s part of Yamato Nadeshiko so…urgh I don’t know. I’m just bored.
    And for the 1000th time, no I won’t buy you the DVD. Saving my money for Nana-chan’s Blu-ray XD

  3. *laughs evilly*

  4. /me whacks Donkey to death
    Don’t laugh you Amisuke maniac XD.

  5. x_x

  6. You…you…

    got more stuffs than I do ! O_o

    I just collect figures, but you collect figures, DVD’s and music CD’s !


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