Of Mizuki Nana is in Princess Maker 4 and I didn’t realized it…epic fail

July 14, 2008

This is…

Mizuki Nana???

Zomg, I totally fail as a Nana-chan’s fan (told you I’m not hardcore enough). I didn’t realized that she is the one who voiced as the daughter in Princess Maker 4 until danie told me so. No wonder I thought the voice was familiar. Hahaha…yes I fail. Now I feel even more terrible for getting that “marrying father” ending. Because the daughter called me (the father) “my darling”. And now that I know it’s Nana-chan that voiced as the daughter…so it’s like Nana-chan saying “my darling”. … … Right, I should probably just go dig a whole and hide myself in shame for being such a pervert. Nothing much on this post really. Just trying to apologize to all Nana-chan’s fan. I’m not worthy to be her fan. (mT.Tm). For now, I’m slapping my hands away from the PSP. Must.not.touch.anymore.Princess.Maker.4. Must…not….must not…Nana-chan…Nana-chan…Maybe I should just go hang myself on the ceiling. Right. Before I die, here’s another Nana-chan’s picture.

Now, before I commit anymore sins…*townberry commits suicide*



  1. You FAIL. EPIC FAIL. Tsk, tsk. Happy hanging!

  2. If it was me, i’ll be overly happy that i finally got nana-chan calling me “my darling” (yeah like you didnt berry, I KNOW YOU~) :p

  3. @j1m0ne: Yes I fail. And it seems my hanging is not enough to kill me…
    *me commits suicide again by shooting bullet through the head*

    @karecat: “…(yeah like you didnt berry, I KNOW YOU~)” <— I don’t want to answer that…no comment…no comment…I’m dead anyways..

  4. LOL. Yes, go and die, because Mizuki Nana is mine. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. @danie: take her….I failed…but then again I still got Hoc-chan and Minorin with me XD

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