Of Natural High and the swinging townberry

July 9, 2008

Yes, I know the Bartender OP and EP songs are old news already but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it. I loved Natural High since I first heard them on …well the anime Bartender of course. The song “Bartender” took me by storm. Ahh..the awesomeness in the jazzy music…and the piano parts of course. That’s when I started hunting for Natural High’s stuffs.

Natural High is a group consisting of two people, one singer (白木裕子) and one pianist/composer/arranger (大嶽香子) and their music is mainly based on jazz/swing style. Furthermore, they have two versions of their songs…one is the normal vocal version and the other is my favorite, piano session. This is where you get to listen to Kaoruko Ohtake’s awesome piano skills. Damn, I wish I have her skills. Seriously awesome. And what’s more, she arranged and composed her own music so…double, triple, quadaple the respect I have on her.

The second Natural High’s single that I listened to is the “I Got Rhythm” single which is the second ED for the anime “Oh Edo Rocket”. Again, awesome display of piano skills and I like the song “I got Rhythm” very much too. I’m definitely very tempted to buy Natural High’s album…maybe I will do that before Christmas arrives…blackmail some random people or so to get it… XD.

I don’t know why but I’m in the mood for piano solo music. Have been listening to tonnes of piano solo collections…from the Final Fantasy Series, Hamasaki Ayumi songs’ piano solo to Natural High’s awesome jazzy songs. Guess I must be silently craving to play the piano myself. Should I even buy an electronic piano or something? But then again I’m already broke as it is. Sigh. So I guess I will just have to loop Natural High’s songs again and again to listen to some piano playing as I swing my way through my office hours. Been feeling very very lazy seriously…did no work and I’m supposed to present something this friday to my supervisor. Heh…I’m in deep trouble but somehow I don’t really care. I LOVE procrastinating and will definitely do so until maybe Thursday night then I will somehow rush up my parts. Hopefully. Oh well, till then, I’m gonna go back to swinging and listening to more Natural High goodness. Oh yeah! Bring it on!!!


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