Of Elements Garden CD cover picture and updated tracklist

July 8, 2008

Hmm…someone decided to put a comment in my previous post about the elements garden upcoming album. In his/her comment, he/she attached the picture of the CD cover. Well I don’t know who you are but thanks for updating me about it. So thank you [260] and here’s the cover picture of Elements Garden upcoming album. And here’s also the updated version of the song tracklist. Nothing much differs…just that they confirmed which Sakakibara Yui’s song to put in. So here’s the tracklist:

1. introduction
3. Wing of Destiny(富田麻帆 PS2用ソフト「ギャラクシーエンジェル2~絶対領域の扉~」OP)
4. KAMUY(木蓮 PCG「夜刀姫斬鬼行」OP)
5. dissonant chord(NANA PCG「PRINCESS WALTZ」OP)
6. Happy Leap(榊原ゆい PCG「タイムリープ」OP)
7. ツナガル☆らぶみくす(矢田みこ PCG「ツナバン・らぶみくす」OP)
8. 120円の春(YURIA PCG「ツナバン・らぶみくす」OP)
9. ZERO(佐藤裕美 PCG「はぴねす!」OP)
10. Never Slash!!(飛蘭 PCG「がくと!」OP)
11. Growth of mind(榊原ゆい&NANA PCG「ティンクルくるせいだーす」OP)
12. Answer(片霧烈火 PCG「G線上の魔王」OP)
13. CRISIS BEAT(Rita PCG「オトメクライシス」OP)
14. Reconquista(飛蘭 PCG「レコンキスタ」OP)
15. 魂響(片霧烈火 PCG「魂響」OP)
16. 夢の月(KAKO PS2用ソフト「きると~貴方と紡ぐ夢と恋のドレス~」OP)

And it seems my luck has been recovering…my laptop functions normally again and apparently my xbox360 is now fixed. They are just keeping it for testing before returning it back to me. And shit, my xbox360 is now fixed….they are keeping it for testing before returning it back to me and ASKING me to pay around RM200 for the repair. And crap, I’m already broke. Real broke. I only have like RM20 in my wallet (that’s equalevant to roughly 6.13 US dollars or 656.30 yen. Great..not even 10 dollars…not even 1000 yen. Suddenly, I wish they won’t call me to pick up my xbox360 that fast…not today..not tomorrow…maybe the day after…Hopefully by then, I manage to rob enough random passerbys to pay for the repair fee lol. Till then, I’m gonna continue to stare at my laptop and act busy in my office ^.^


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  1. Thanks !

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