Of Nana-chan in 1080p!!! Woot! Now I can rock to Power Gate in High Definition!

July 7, 2008

Finally, I can look at this face in hi-def. ^.^

Zomg…our, Nana-chan hardcore fans, one of my secret desire finally came true. According to the peeps in seiyuu3, there’s an announcement in Nana-chan’s concert (oh yes, she did a 2008 concert on the weekend) that the concert will be recorded in Blu-Ray and DVD version. …Blu-ray…Blu-ray! That means 1080p (or 1080i to the very least) goodness of Nana-chan! What’s more it’s going to be in 5.1 surround. Ah…I think this is like reaching the ultimate level of happiness already. Of course, nothing compared to being there in the concert itself but for now, this will do…this will do real good. Now, there’s more things to worry…are they going to pack both the Blu-ray and DVD set differently? I hope of course the Blu-ray copy gets more stuff…because I don’t care..even if I don’t have a Blu-ray player at the moment, you can bet your a** that I’m definitely getting the Blu-ray version of her concert. Ahh..now excuse me while I go drool silently…and I swear, the moment I get my money, I’m definitely getting an American version of PS3 because it has a region A Blu-ray player…and that means it can play all the US Blu-ray movies and also Japan Blu-ray movies (and ultimately my Nana-chan concert XD). Now if you would excuse me, I’m gonna go rob some random passerbys.

*pst pst…dear god, now that Nana-chan concert is coming out in Blu-ray…please let Hoc-chan’s concert come out in Blu-ray too* \o/


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