Of a bad day, my Xbox 360 and the dreaded red lights.

June 30, 2008

Now I wish Minorin is here beside me singing for me. Sigh. I had a terrible day. Woke up with a swollen left pinkie. I don’t even know what bit my pinkie finger but what I know is my pinkie ended up swollen, itchy and painful for the whole day…even now. What’s worse, when I came back from work, ate my dinner and bathed, I thought I just wanna sit back and relax and finish up my Dynasty Warriors 6 game. So I turned on my xbox360. Started playing no problem…then halfway through, the whole screen frozed and the speakers emitted some sparky sounds. So I thought, fine…the stupid disc is dirty or something. So I took out the disc, wiped it clean and restarted the game. Started fine once more. Then 2 minutes into the game, it crashed again. Then when I approached my console to turn it off, I see some red lights flashing. Huh? Red lights? Xbox360? Crap.

So I restarted frantically and this time, the red lights are here to stay. No it ain’t the ring of death because there’s FOUR red lights. They kept flashing and nothing appeared on the screen. I checked online and apparently four red lights means AV problem. Then I bought my xbox360 to the games shop in the nearest shopping mall. The guy on my console using his on AV cable but the red lights are here to stay still. So with no choice, I am forced to send my console to the technician. Now I am crossing my fingers hard that it’s repairable. I haven’t even play ninja gaiden 2. Heck I haven’t even unlock Lu Bu in Dynasty Warriors 6!!!

Urgh. Sorry but I totally lost all my mood to review Minorin’s concert. What’s more I have been suffering from a bad stomach the whole day. I lost count of how many times I ran to the washroom clutching my stomach. Currently watching the Fugitive DVD on my tv. Then I’m gonna go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day and all these bad luck will be gone.


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