Of Wakeshima Kanon’s Still Doll

June 27, 2008

Trust me I don’t listen to dark ambient/visual kei genre songs much…and I certainly don’t watch typical shoujo shows like Vampire Knight (despite the fact there’s Hoc-chan inside). But somehow, I’m strangely attracted to this debut single of Wakeshima Kanon, “still doll”.

Maybe it’s the fact that despite it’s creepy, it has lots of classical music elements inside and the best of all, Wakeshima Kanon herself (who is only 19 by the way…zomg she’s younger than me) is a cellist and she performs a solo part in the song (well, at least in the PV). I’m always attracted to singers who can play any musical instruments or involve him/herself into the production of their own song. This song is composed and arranged by Mana and Wakeshima Kanon penned down the lyrics herself. The song infused alot of classical music style inside and everything is done in minor key (what am I talking about already?). “Still doll” is a song where I find myself constantly looping when I’m working. That’s because I’m feelin dark when I’m working lol. I hate working and “still doll” just infuse more hatred into it. Emo, emo. Lol. Seriously, I’m talking crap already.

But anyway, I watched the PV yesterday. It’s a good PV. Good camera filtering to make the whole place looks dull, creepy and gothic…checked. Disturbing scenes of Wakeshima Kanon being chained inside a locked room…checked. A random little white girl oil painting that you won’t want to hang on your room’s wall…checked. One weird old bald guy walking up the stairs…checked. So yeah, the PV is nice to watch hehehe. But there’s one part that I don’t really like in the PV. Well, according to this PV, Wakeshima Kanon is mysteriously trapped in a room with her legs chained by this bald old guy and she couldn’t get out (…she wasn’t even trying lol). Anyway, so this bald guy will then walk up the stairs to a painting, take the painting down and peek through a hole on the wall behind the painting inside the room. Hey, sounds like Sweeney Todd’s movie to me…where Judge Turpin kept Joanna locked inside a room and he peeks through her room via a hole behind a painting. Tsk. This is one part where I felt it’s lame. Get some new idea please.

But all in all, it’s a good debut single for Wakeshima Kanon (at least my weird musical sense ears think so).  I definitely look forward to her future releases (hoping that she wouldn’t become another one hit wonder victim). Meanwhile, I’m going to resume feeling dark listening to still doll and finishing up my work. Till then, go buy Wakeshima Kanon’s Still Doll single here. Ciao ^.^


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