Of Tamura Yukari’s rumored skills~random stuff while waiting for Minorin’s DVD arrival~

June 24, 2008

Zomg, Townberry is posting/blogging about Tamura Yukari!!! What happened?! Lol. Okay, I admit. I am not a fan of Yukarin but yesterday I found a piece of interesting news about her. Now, as I stated earlier, I am not a fan of hers and whatever information I found is purely out of randomly surfing through the internet and I cannot confirm it’s true or false. But then again, it’s always nice to share some interesting information yes? XD

Okay…so apparently, she’s born into a mixed parentage of Japanese (father) and Chinese (mother). So with that on mind, she’s apparently fluent in Mandarin. And what’s more..she’s also apparently fluent in Korean but god knows where that came from. The source also claimed that she graduated from University of Taipei too. So, does that mean, if I actually meet Yukarin, instead of saying “Sugoi” or “Ganbare” or “Kawaii” or anything between those lines…I can actually say something like 你真可爱我爱你? Hmm…interesting. Then again, this is only something I found through random surfing…and I can’t even remember which site I saw this info from so it will be cool if someone can give me a definite answer. Well, whatever it is, I sure wish I was Yukarin for a moment…at least for the moment when she snapped this picture with Hoc-chan…biting Hoc-chan’s hand…*me drools* and man, where’s that tongue going??? O.o!!!



  1. ‘Zomg, Townberry is posting/blogging about Tamura Yukari!!! What happened?!’
    When I saw Yukarin’s name, I went ‘OMB! WHAT HAPPENED?!’ in my head.

    Ahaha, I love that pic. ❤

    Okay, @ main purpose of your post: Whoa, I-I didn’t know that about Yukarin. It’ll sure explains the songs that has a bit of Mandarin (?) in it.

  2. @donkey: Oh..her songs has a bit of mandarin in it? Lol I don’t know..I don’t listen to her songs..*me runs away from Yukarin’s fans*
    And yes….when I’m bored…I can blog random stuff…hey even…Tamura Yukari too XD

  3. I-I think so, I’m definitely sure it’s not Japanese and the music composition is Chinese sounding. *shrugs* If you did listen, I’ll probably fall off my chair in shock. First, Yukarin post, second, listening to her songs, by townberry? Masaka!


  4. He…Hey…I do listen…to Yukarin’s song….or at least I think I did. Lol…I mean just because I am not interested in her doesn’t mean I hate her or anything….just jealous because she gets to bite Hoc-chan …there I said it…happy? >.<

  5. *sniggers* hehehehe~

  6. *whacks Donkey*

  7. x_x

    Btw, Minorin DVD has just arrived today. ^_^ Poster is all so lovely~ *_* (Btw, it’s not one of the two we’d thought it would be) It’s a live shot. 😀 So it’s Natural Minorin. The best Minorin appearance.

    Now I’m wondering where does this song, ‘Fragment ~Shooting Star of the Origin~’ had originated. I’m now desperate to either have it on my HD or have its CD or both (:P). Do you know where to get it?

  8. Hehe, mine arrived too. I’m going back to my hometown and hug it. And thanks for the info about the poster XD.

    It came from a game. A PS2 game apparently. And if you want to order the CD….you can find it on the left side of the link in my blog…I just added it for you XD.
    It’s called Suika A.S + Eternal Name. I can assure you all songs are greatly performed…so you won’t regret having this cd. XD

  9. Minorin DVD hugging tiem!

    😀 Yay! Thank you! I’ve been trying to look for it over at cdjapan and getting depressed that if it’s on amazon of something – I can’t get it. D: Thank youuu~ *glomps*

  10. that piccy looks a wee-bit ecchi to me…
    hm.. yamato nadeshiko. yuriyuri? payapaya?

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